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How to recover your lost link juice

Recover surprising amounts of link juice after a website relaunch or an expired domain purchase at the push of a button.

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Find your missing pages easily

Running the LJR is very simple, you just enter your domain and click ‘Run Report’. The report is simple too, just showing the missing page URL, the HTTP-Code and the number of backlinks the URL has. But to investigate further, you can click the ‘+’ next to the URL so you can dig deeper.

Assessing the quality of the backlinks that your missing page has

Now that you have expanded the details on your link, you can see the From URL, To URL, Anchor Text and the Link Status columns. From here, there is a tools dashboard where you can launch more tools to dig deeper. If you are unsure of the quality of these links, you should choose to start a DTOX report just for this page.

Shows you how to recover your link juice

If you are able to change the actual link on the sites that are linking to you, this would be the neatest option.

If changing the link is not possible, the next best way to recover the link juice for the missing page is to recreate the page.

If recreating the page is not possible or inappropriate, you can 301 redirect that page to the most relevant page on your site. The LJR includes an htaccess code generator to help you do this.

The code redirects to the home page like this:

Redirect 301 “/products/fruit-and-nut-case”

Redirecting to the home page is now considered a ‘soft 404’ so you should change the home page link to something more relevant like:

Redirect 301 “/products/fruit-and-nut-case”


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Paul Healey
Managing Director at Hire Finess
“What a great set of tools. I am not some one who usually gives testimonials but i was so impressed with this I need share my views. I have been thinking about joining for a few months , after reading some email shots with case you have been sending me and i just joined last week. Wow what a great set of tools you have, I am so angry with myself for not joining sooner and wasting so much time differing.
I instantly pinpointed where what need rectifying on 2 of my websites and can now sleep easier knowing that i have your software protecting my business.I also for one of my older sites the Link Juice Recover tool was a nice extra.
This is a set of tools every webmaster should have!!
Thanks Guys”

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