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The Link Juice Recovery Tool helps you finding pages on your domain that have links but don’t exist any more.


The Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR) helps you with tackling a problem many webmasters face, most of the time without even knowing about it: Back links that go to dead pages on your page. You will lose the link juice for those pages. Our tool analyzes your back links and finds those that lead to missing pages.

Once you found those links, you can either create a new page with content relevant to the link you received or you can redirect the missing page to a different, existing page. The first choice is of course the best one, but if you want to spend as little time as possible on this, you can use our .htaccess Generator that creates a piece of code you can include in your .htaccess-file that redirects all those missing pages to your start page.

Video Introduction

Watch Christoph C. Cemper, creator of the Link Research Tools, talking about how the Link Juice Recovery Tool can help you to refresh an old or expired site.

Additional Information

Find out how the Link Juice Recovery Tool helps you to refresh or restart an old web project in Christoph C. Cemper’s SEO Q&A.

A Visual Guide to the LJR

See how fast you can regain link juice!


A lot of link juice put to no use

Of course, our details table provides you with all the information you will need. Check which error code classifies the page as dead and how many back links are actually effected. Take a look at the LJR report for – as you can see, even big companies handle their SEO affairs quite carelessly sometimes.

Each subdomain is inspected as well

Of course, we also offer you the possibility to check for subdomains – you will get a detailed break down for all available subdomains with each LJR analysis.

.htaccess Generator for quick fixes

The .htaccess Generator offers you a quick and convenient method to fix dead links. Copy the generated code to your .htaccess file and all dead links will be forwarded to your main site. One analysis, a few lines of generated code and your link juice will be regained.


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LinkResearchTools trusted brands

To my knowledge, Christoph’s Link Research Tools are the only ones that really deserve their name. From the first to the last tool, they all have professional structures, a wide range of functionality and what’s most important: a rewarding ROI!

Soeren Eisenschmidt, Blogger von

I work with two publicly listed companies in Sweden and I use your tool in my work for them. Link Research Tools is one of the most important tools in my SEO work for clients since it gives me a lot of control of the links and the competitors. I can also focus my linking job to the most important links.

Christian Rudolf,