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Link Check ToolYou reached the end of the manual (or pretty hasslesome at least) link check!


The Link Check Tool (LCT) checks a huge set of links on their quality and validity with every metric you’d want to look at. The unique new fuzzy match allows you to compare a huge number of source URLs with one or more target URLs/Domains.

The Excel importer imports your existing link lists along with additional link information you may have in the spreadsheet (such as email, price, date, etc.) into your report. This means you won’t lose any information, but get fresh link check results and SEO metrics alongside your existing link lists. You can even re-export your link lists again.

This means your import data will be enriched with selected SEO metrics. Did we mention you can choose from 55 different metrics? This enriched data helps you analyze quality of your links in a wide range of ways.

You can schedule your link check reports with our “recurring report” function. This set-and-forget feature allows you to easily automate a complex set of link checks and a lot of them. The email notifications we have built mails you when your report is finished and delivers broken links and other check results straight in your mailbox on a fixed schedule.

Visual Guide to the LCT

Just copy your links from existing lists directly into the input fields or use our brand new Excel importer. This feature allows you to simply copy and paste from your existing link lists and provides every given additional link information directly into your LCT report – without any limitations in compatibility.

Choose the appropriate columns for your source and target URLs and analyze all your additional link data right inside the Link Check Tool.

Of course you can still fill out the source and target URL fields by hand or copy/paste from other (text-based) sources.

LCT Start

Copy and paste your existing lists of links

Would you like to check an entire domain or individual pages? Just select the appropriate target type.

The link check mode defines the analysis mode of your entered links:

Exact Match – This mode compares each input source URL with the appropriate destination URL.
Fuzzy Match – This unique mode checks every possible combination of source and destination URL.

LCT Start

Choose your metric package and your prefered mode

Do my link partners own good domains?
Are my links still available?
Is it worth to place more links on a certain domain?

The overview provides you with a new point of view on your existing links.

LCT Results

The graphical overview tells you more about your links

LCT Results

Detailed overview with custom fields

As soon as the report is finished you’ll receive a summary of your broken links via email.
Schedule your reports weekly or monthly and you don’t have to worry about checking your links.


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