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Competitive Link Velocity
Watch your own and your competitors’ links grow, understand their link growth velocity.


The Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool compares the link growth velocity for your site vs. up to ten competitors over a period of the past 2 years. This helps you understand how link growth looked like for your competition and thus why they rank better and what your own link growth should be like to be “natural” i.e. to blend in.

Quite often the factor link growth velocity is completely ignored in link campaign planning. The Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool generates a heat-map style report that allows you to judge on link growth for link popularity, domain popularity as well as details for text, image and redirect links as well as dropped links (negative link spikes). This heat map allows you to judge on historical changes in link profiles, i.e. which type of links to a domain have been created or deleted.

By looking at link spikes for image links you could e.g. identify a new display ad campaign a competitor implemented. By finding out about a sudden surge in NOFOLLOW links you could possibly detect a lot of interest from blogs or forums – be it natural or just blog-spam. Redirect link spikes could be something fancy SEO tactic or just again a surge in social media (because of a lot of URL shorteners being used).

With the Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool you have the perfect overview over the historical link profile of any domain!

Visual Guide to the CLV

Enter your and your competitors’ domain(s) or find the top competitors domains for a certain keyword in your niche with our “find competitors” feature.

CLV Input

Enter your and your competitors’ domain(s)

The report interface displays the average number of monthly created links right next to the domain. Highs and lows of a certain month are visualized by using various color intensities for the number of links.
The overview combines the monthly link growth for all link types such as redirects or text-, image-, NoFollow- and deleted links.

CLV Ergebnis

New report interface

Explore further details about the given domains by clicking on the Quick Domain Compare tool right below the domain names.
Hover your cursor upon a specific month and receive detailed information about your link developments in the selected month.

CLV Detailansicht

Detailed monthly information

Explore further details about the given domains by clicking on the Quick Domain Compare tool right below the domain names.

You can start the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) right off your CLV report for further analysis on your market situation for the checked domains for social signals, deep link ratios and so much more – to be more than one step ahead of your competition.

You want to analyze each domain’s backlinks in detail? Hit the Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL) button and find out which of your backlink improves/deteriorates the ranking.

In addition to this you can start a Quick Domain Compare (QDC) to compare SEO stats or start a JUICE ™ tool report to analyze up to 55 different SEO metrics for the selected domains.

CLV Detailansicht

Further analysis right off your CLV report


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