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Quick overview of key values for all domains

The Domain Statistics table gives a very quick overview of all the domains, with their Power and Trust values as well as the number of Referring Root Domains.

Find those “magic ratios” to outrank your competitors

This is where you can do competitive SEO on steroids. At a glance, you can see where your site, the orange one, is looking different to the darker green ones that are in the Top3 and Top5 positions.

In addition to the Power and Trust values, you can look at metrics like ratios of Brand/Compound/Money/Other links, NoFollow/Follow links, Text/Image links, Start Page Links/Deep Links, and many more. These are the ratios that often become problematic because misinformed SEOs get them wrong frequently. The CLA removes the guesswork from finding out why your competitors are doing well. By blending in with your competition and doing just a little better, you can push your way to the top without risking Google Penalties.

Detailed reports for chosen metrics

If you need to know even more about your niche you can run CLA in the Detail mode. Here you can choose from a large selection of metrics.

For example you might be in a niche that features celebrities or a TV show. In this case you and your competitors may well be attracting links from high authority sites like Dmoz and Wikipedia. It is also likely that social votes from Google+, Twitter and Facebook will be important too, so you should analyze them with CLA also.


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Dimitri Tarasowski
CEO at, @tarasowski
“LinkResearchTools is one of my favorite backlinks tools, which I’m using every day. Especially the Competitive Landscape Analyzer is just incredible. I cannot imagine doing linkbuilding without Cemper’s toolbox. Well done, guys!”

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The LinkResearchTools by Christoph Cemper are very useful. Intelligent functions and practical features make backlink research a genuine pleasure. With the LinkResearchTools linkbuilding becomes simpler and more efficient.

Bjoern Tantau, Managing Director of TAMECO Onlinemarketing

Die Linkresearchtools von @cemper sind für die Offsite-Arbeit nach nur wenigen Tagen zum Must-Have geworden.

Daniel Schlotter, Searchanalyst at KUPONA