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CBLT - Common Back Links Tool
Get a list of common Backlinks that are linking to at least two websites that you enter.


The Common Back Links Tool (CBLT) helps you finding sites that are commonly linking to at least two domains or pages you enter. This helps you finding link sources of topically related sites (read: your competition) that you might have a chance to get a link from, too. After all, those pages already linked to your competitors, right?

To make it easier for you to determine on which pages to concentrate your time and resources, we also crawl for you all the SEO metrics we have in tools like the BLP (formerly BATT), which make it easier for you to find the most valuable back link sources.

Video Introduction

In the video below, Christoph C. Cemper, the creator of the Link Research Tools, explains how the Common Back Links Tool works and why it’s superior to other back link hub-finders and competitive intelligence tools that are available on the market.

How It Works

Common Backlinks

How common backlinks work

Have a look at this graphic to understand how the CBLT works. It analyzes your Input and compares the list of backlinks it finds for each URL against the others to let you know where your competitors draw common back link power from. It’s easy to find out where you can successfully place a link as well!

A Visual Guide to the CBLT

See how easy it is to get pages where you can place links

CBLT settings

Enter and check report settings

When you start a CBLT you have several choices for the report settings. For example, you can choose between domain and page back links. As soon as you started the report, you can always take a quick look at the report overview to check your settings and input.

CBLT Details

Use the details table to extract specific data

The details table will be your little helper to get all the information you are looking for. It provides you with Commonality Information (1) and a detailed analysis of the back links. The check boxes (2) offer you the possibilty to look for common back links of certain Input URLs, leaving others aside. Of course, you will also get all the values for your back links that you chose to analyze when starting the report.


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Die Linkresearchtools von @cemper sind für die Offsite-Arbeit nach nur wenigen Tagen zum Must-Have geworden.

Daniel Schlotter, Searchanalyst at KUPONA

To my knowledge, Christoph’s Link Research Tools are the only ones that really deserve their name. From the first to the last tool, they all have professional structures, a wide range of functionality and what’s most important: a rewarding ROI!

Soeren Eisenschmidt, Blogger von