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LinkResearchTools Technology Benefits

LinkResearchTools Technology


You don’t want to ignore the most important metrics in the SEO world or pass by the most advanced SEO technology out there, do you?
Did you know that LinkResearchTools uses the most advanced technology and encompasses various features that not only save you time but also help you base your SEO decisions on high-quality data?
Read on and learn how using the LRT Technology can help you improve the way you work.

Why do you need the most advanced technology in your SEO work?

title rank google penalty metric
  1. You get closer to Google with each report you start.


You have 95 SEO metrics for each link, no matter if you have 10 links or 10 million links. And it’s not only that we provide you with all those metrics, but our algorithm also looks for patterns between all those links.

Similar to Google, we try to uncover all possible connections between the links that could be considered unnatural.

  1. You get precise and comprehensive backlink data as a solid basis for good decisions


We use 24 different link sources to download all the backlinks we can find.
We leave none of your links behind!

You can only make a good decision with a lot of fresh, precise data. Don’t just take our word for it. Let us give you an example.
One backlink can make the difference between your website getting a manual penalty or ranking better. How do you make the right decision to keep or remove it?

comprehensive backlink data
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  1. No need to involve your Infrastructure team in the set-up process

LinkResearchTools is a SaaS (software as a service) solution. It doesn’t require any software to be installed, and so you and your team can access it immediately from any device, anywhere in the world.

  1. It’s easy for anyone to use, anywhere and on any device

You simply need a web browser and internet access.

Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, our main goal is to make sure that you can access our data easily.


You can use LinkResearchTools from your iPad in your favorite coffeehouse or on multi-screen PCs in the office.

LinkResearchTools Training
LinkResearchTools Backup solutions
  1. You don’t need any backup solutions

Weekly backup processes can use up a lot of time and money. LinkResearchTools saves you important resources by making automatic backups and thus ensuring the integrity of your data.

You save money and time when you use LinkResearchTools because:

“Bring all those advantages in your company!

Check out the solution that works best for you!


  • No software is installed
  • No proxies are needed
  • No setup is needed
  • You can access data from multiple devices
  • The learning process is smooth and doesn’t require a big amount of time
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  1. Link Detox Genesis helps you make smart decisions about every single link

Link Detox Genesis is an organic data-driven algorithm that gives links a label, marking them with a low, medium, or high link audit priority, depending on an aggregated calculation of multiple patterns and risk signals.

This algorithm is designed to help you assess all your backlinks, recover from Google manual penalties, protect your website from future penalties, and build new strong links.

  1. DTOXRISK helps you do Link Risk Management the right way

DTOXRISK™ is a score that can quickly estimate the probability of your website getting a Google Manual Penalty or tripping a Google algorithmic filter.

The Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) metric helps you with your Link Risk Management and provides for safe search engine optimization.

  1. Power*Trust helps you decide if a link is good or bad

The LRT Power and LRT Trust metrics give you a good idea of the quality and trustworthiness of a link or an entire website.

Let’s say that you need to decide if you should write a guest post for a specific website. Or you may need to advise a client on whether it’s worth publishing something on a certain website. You can determine the quality of a website or page by just looking at the LRT Power*Trust metric.

  1. DTOXTUNE – adapts your SEO analysis to you niche for more accurate results

Every niche on the web is different. Google uses many different variations of their internal algorithms for each country, language, and niche.


DTOXTUNE™ is a special feature built into Link Detox that allows you to adapt your Link Detox analysis to a specific niche, country and language to get the most accurate data about your backlinks.


For example, you can tune Link Detox for weird, spammy niches or adapt it to the diverse niche segments in the high-margin industries.

  1. TitleRank – the Penguin Cure metric

The TitleRank metric allows you to determine the ranking position in Google search results, based on the page title for each of your links. Non-ranking pages are not good link sources.


This metric helps you evaluate the quality of your links and supports your "clean-up actions". This metric already proved itself in several Penguin case studies as a clear indication of the respective “Losers” or “Winners”.

  1. Build Smarter SEO campaigns by looking at Link Velocity and Link Velocity Trends

These metrics can help you improve your SEO campaign strategy by showing you detailed link growth dynamics data.

Start taking care of your online business right now!

Use the power of LinkResearchTools!

Knowing how many links are enough for your website, or when you have too many links, is important when planning an SEO campaign. Building too many backlinks over a short period may have a negative impact on your website’s rankings. If you build more links than most of the competitors in your niche it can look suspicious and may trigger a Google algorithmic filter.

7. Link Redirect Trace - make sure you don't lose any link juice

Domains do not only have backlinks, but often also have redirects. Redirection is a process where one URL gets forwarded to another URL. There are several kinds of redirects and each of them passes a different amount of Link Juice to Google. Therefore it is a good idea to check the redirects and see what type it is.

8. Keyword Intelligence - improve the accuracy of your reports

Learn how to use the keyword intelligence built-in LinkResearchTools the right way and improve the accuracy of your reports.

Understand natural keyword ratios in your niche. Do you have too many money keywords or too little when you compare your backlink profile to the ones of your competitors?

Rocket Your Site with the LinkResearchTools Technology

Build Smarter SEO campaigns, do link risk management the right way and make smart decisions about every link.

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