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Barely two weeks after the last release the LinkResearchTools SEO forge proudly presents two brand new tools. The CLV tool supports you in comparing your historical link development to your competitors’ domains – namely DomainPop, LinkPop and all types of links (No Follow, image, text and redirects). The LCT is finally a link check tool that deserves its name. Fully automated reports, the brand new fuzzy mode, complex link checks and even your well-kept Excel information (e.g. e-mail, prices) remains after importing your data into the LinkResearchTools.

Competitive Link Velocity (CLV)

Compare your link growth with your top competitor’s link growth!

The latest Superhero and Enterprise Goodie has arrived – The brand new Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool. This tool refines our Link Research Tool Portfolio with a new Element. The CLV puts your link research process to another level by viewing your link process over a preset period of time with a brand new visualization mode.

CLV Input

A new point of view on your link process

You’ll get a new point of view on your link process. The CLV tool generates a unique heat map over a period of two years that is rarely seen outside the LinkResearchTools laboratories – or maybe at Google.

You’ll learn which link growing rates are examined as “natural” for your niche and therefore what’s the maximum speed you can run link building without being noticed by Google.

The factor of link building and link growth speed is simply ignored in many SEO campaigns and link projects, which can lead to nasty surprises. The heat map at the Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool provides you with changes in Link Popularity, Domain Popularity as well as detailed changes in text-, images-, NOFOLLOW- and redirect-links at a glance. This heat map allows you a quick comparison of historical changes in link profiles. This means you are able to evaluate how many links of any kind have been placed or deleted.

If you recognize drastic changes in the number of image links, that may point to a successful banner campaign. A sudden boost of NOFOLLOW links could point to a lot of interest in forums or blogs, or even a spammy link campaign. Many Redirects could indicate an advanced SEO tactics, or again a lot of activity in the social sector through URL shorteners.

CLV Ergebnis

The intensity of the colors shows you the number of gained links per month.

Has my Domain Popularity recently increased? Compare your link building with your top 10 competitors and watch your and their link process over the last 2 years. Choose between 6 various tab-based display options or the compact overall view.

Do I grow more text or image links?
Answers all these questions at a glance or choose between various points of view:

  • Domain Popularity
  • Text Links
  • Image Links
  • NoFollow Links
  • Deleted Links
  • Redirects

The Competitive Link Velocity Tool (CLV) is available only for Superhero and Enterprise accounts.

Link Check Tool (LCT)

Checking endless lists of links manually is a thing of the past!

The Link Check Tool (LCT) checks a variety of links to their validity and provides you with all the desired metrics from the rich set of the 55 available metrics of SEO Research Tools link for each respective source URL.

The new fuzzy match feature allows you to check any combination of sources to the specified target URLs.
Do you prefer classic? The exact match mode checks each input source URL with the appropriate target URL.

Especially for our new Link Check Tool (LCT), we improved the Excel import of your data and any additional link information from your link lists. Fully integrated into the LCT report, you are now able to analyze your existing links with up to 55 SEO metrics and still have it your existing link data such as email, prices, dates and much more right inside your report.

LCT Start

The LCT checks a huge number of links

See at a glance which links are still active and whether the quality of the source fits your needs. The LCT provides a review of your existing links with every known LRT metric.

LCT Results

The LCT provides a graphical overview of your existing links

Enrich your existing lists of links and all additional information with up to date data of our LinkResearchTools suite. Of course all reports can be exported as a CSV / XLS or PDF.

Combine your Link Check Tool reports with our recurring reports feature and automate your entire link check process. Right after your report is completed, you’ll receive a summary of your possible broken links via email.

Improved Keyword Classification

The Backlink Profiler and Competitive Landscape Analyzer have been extended with further functionality. Next to your already classified anchor text the respective classification is shown at the detail table. As a result of this recent improvement, your experience on link based analysis is further optimized. You’ll find a clear assignment of the respective links directly in your detail view.

Improved Keyword Classification

BLP & CLA show already classified anchor texts at the detail table.

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Christoph C. Cemper is the CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox. A well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the Link Research Tools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009.

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