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Yiğit Konur
Yiğit Konur
Founder & CEO, SEOzeo
“I’ve used many link analysis tools. Many of them have amazing backlink data and it is very though to get these data from web in technical. Crawling web by spiders is kind of a work Google does IT infrastructure of processing huge amount of data needs real expertise. But main work should not be collecting data only, but also represent this on proper/user-friendly. This is what LRT does perfect way! Collecting data from 20+ resources and get them together by adding priceless metrics like link position/website category/anchor text classification. A real SEO expert needs to be data geek to understand result of backlink data by using thousands of different Excel formulas but LRT transform this time-consuming work to easy-to-understand analysis. As a CEO of market leader SEO agency at Turkey, we use LRT at our all operations and recommend to all professionals!”

Fred Lanier
Laguna Beach
Fred Lanier
“LRT is a really powerful set of tools, comprehensive and efficient. I like the fact that you can quickly and easily handle it to get the most out of it. I’m also very impressed by the way your team keeps improving it over the time, adding new features but also adjusting it to Google ever-changing rules. “

jens fauldrath
Jens Fauldrath
Teamleader SEO, Deutsche Telekom AG
“Linkresearchtools save a whole lot of time when it comes to analyzing linkprofiles of our sites and our competitors. Due to lots of data sources you get highly valid data in an easy to understand categorization and with a lot of meaningful attributes to make data interpretation as easy and individual as it can be. When you are working with big sites it´s essential to know which links are still online and which links are broken. Therefore linkresearchtools are awesome, because they provide exactly that. Every report module of linkresearchtools is great and has his own advantage, you just choose what is best for your intention.”

castle rock
James Garcia
“In my opinion, LinkResearchTools stands alone as the best link research product on the market. After failure using various competitor products, we were able to clearly identify our linking issues, understand our competitors configurations, and implement changes which dramatically improved our internet presence within months. The staff is very attentive by quickly responding to all of our emails and with the knowledge base to answer correctly. I wish we had learned about LinkResearchTools a long time ago. Thanks all – You’re the best !! “

Tom Sadler
Tom Sadler
Sales and Marketing Director at Indago Digital , @indago_digital
“Link Research’s tool-set is essential for any serious SEO agency. They form an integral part of our audit process when we on-board a new client allowing us to identify potentially toxic links. Indago Digital thoroughly endorse these tools.”

Eugen Platon
Head of Search at OLA Mobile, @Olamobile_news
“I’ve used LinkResearchTools almost 1 year. During this time with the help of DTOX – Link Detox Tool and BOOST – Link Detox Boost we have removed at OLAMobile, a Google manual penalty in just 14 days. Amazing!
LRT It’s a set of tools, that any professional SEO need to possess in his day-to-day toolbox set “

Nikolaj Mogensen
Nikolaj Mogensen
Head of SEO & Owned Media at GroupM Search , @nrmogensen
“Linkresearchtools is a must for any serious SEO agency or freelancer. Collecting more than just one source of linkdata is critical to analysis i.e. linkdetox or linkprospecting. For this purpose Linkresearchtool is state of the art! Thank you”

Mario Schwertfeger
Mario Schwertfeger
SEO Consultant, Catbird Seat, @M_Schwertfeger
“I especially like the quick analyzes you can do with Linkreseachtools like Competitiver Landscape Analyzis. For realising quick wins I also recommend using Link Juice Recovery as you can revitalize lost Linkjuice. DETOX by the way is the best tool to get a quick overview on bad links causing damage. So in my eyes Linkreseachtools is the full package according link analyzes.”

Jesse Mcdonalds
Jesse McDonald
“After a year of working with LinkResearchTools, I decided to take the training to expand my knowledge. Now, I have a better idea of which reports to run in which situations. This is helping me maximize my link building time and making this time more productive.”

richard brooks
Richard Brooks
Technical Director SEO, Reprise Media
“On behalf of myself and the team at IPG – Reprise Media: Cemper’s suite of LinkResearchTools is unparalleled in the marketplace. No other tool can rapidly provide insight to the degree that LRT can, especially for fast pitch turnaround. Even for those companies that recognise the value in moving to their own real-time sandboxing for their clients, Cemper’s toolbox provides an excellent substitute. Well Done Cemper!”

Jimmy Kelley
Pleasant Grove
Jimmy Kelley
“LinkResearchTools is the primary tool I use to recover sites that have been hit by Penguin, there is no other tool I would recommend to people in the seo industry. It is what I used to teach my students to recover their sites.”

John Kriney
John Kriney
“I got two client sites back after doing a link detox. .”

Jan Sievers
Jan Sievers
“The LinkResearchTools quickly became an essential part of my digital marketing toolbox. They provide an abundance of actionable insights, are easy to use and save hours upon hours of work every month.”

Joe Friedlein
Joe Friedlein
“We ( have been using LRT for a number of years and it is part of our everyday life. It saves us hours and I feel the subscription cost is worth it based on efficiency alone. Yes, there are other back link data sources out there but we use to spend so much time looking through old data that LRT was a real breath of fresh air. A huge thumbs up from us.”

Richard Bonn
Las Vegas
Richard Bonn
Awesome LLC
“The best tools you can get!”

Scott Polk
Scott Polk
“LRT is the recommended tool that is in my personal toolbox for everything internet marketing”

Justin Emig
Justin Emig
“LinkResearchTools has given us the opportunity to spend significantly less resources on performing link detox and link removal. This has made us much more efficient and more competitive in the marketplace. LinkResearchTools also is amazing for prospecting new link opportunities. Our team historically used it exclusively for Detox but now it is our GoTo product for prospecting.”

Josh Denning
Josh Denning
“Christoph is one of the wisest guys I know when it comes to backlink analysis. “

Kyle Sanders
Kyle Sanders
“We’ve been using LinkResearchTools for quite a while and it has become an invaluable asset in our SEO toolkit. The bulk of our clients are typically aggressive niches like legal, medical, and ecom. While I can easily eye a penguin issue, LRT allows our employees and more importantly clients to understand the issue(s) preventing their web properties from ranking. The LRT saves us time, stress, money, and helps us close more deals when we get leads with bad legacy SEO work. Cannot recommend it enough.”

Schiff Anne
Anne Schiff
“LinkResearchTools helps me to improve my rankings. The tools are amazing and I use it every day at my daily work. We save many hours of work and give a lot of useful informations to our team and our clients.”

Clint Butler
“LinkResearchTools has become the industry standard for website link management for a reason. Their tool suite is one of the most comprehensive and effective available today. I have been lured away by other tools in the past but always end up coming back to LRT because of how effective it is at everything it does. If you’re running an agency, you have to be running LinkResearchTools.”

Travis Brown
Travis Brown
“LinkResearchTools is one of the most powerful tool sets I can recommend to other SEO professionals. I’ll be honest, you can do much of the same work manually, with a combination of several other tool sets. However, time is money. What used to take me hours to compile through a combination of multiple tool sets and subscription services now takes me minutes. Time saved is priceless.”

Christoph Szepanski
Pieter-Jan Vanneste
“I’m a freelance SEO consultant and I have to admit, I absolutely love LinkResearchTools. I’ve been using their Superhero plan for over two years now. The Juice Tool helps me find backlink opportunities and shows me quickly if a domain is worth the backlink. With the Domain Compare tool and the Competitive Landscape Analyzer I create nice “How-does-your-site-performs-against-competitor” graphs that I include in allmost every pitch presentation. And of course, there are the advanced backlink tools that help me get all the insights I need to discover how competitors are building up their backlink profiles. Keep up the good work guys! “
Christoph Szepanski
Massimo Paolini
Massimo Paolini
“The LinkResearchTool set helped us to identify and organize 1000’s of links that had not surfaced with other tools, such as GWMT, MOZ, and Majestic. We were then able to create a comprehensive link profile for a client who had a Manual Penalty from Google. We saved countless hours organizing and classifying link types in addition to providing an data the tools other had not. We were able to prepare for a Reconsideration Request quickly without cutting any corners. This resulted in the manual penalty being removed quickly by Google. We continue to monitor the clients profile through dTox to avoid additional issues for the client. When we began the project 6 months ago, over 99% of our clients links were considered a High Risk. Today, with the help of dTox tools we have been able to reduce this to 1%.”

Marc Kenigsberg
David Aaronson
“The most complete set of tools we have seen about creating and fixing links.”

Marc Kenigsberg
Marc Kenigsberg
“We started using LRT for the Detox function after a negative SEO attack on our site. Not only was LRT instrumental in helping us clean up the links and recover the site but it has become critical to the way we do all of our marketing efforts. Most of our processes today are built around LRT and its tools and everything that we have learned from the LRT team. A must have tool for anyone serious about traffic”

Stefano Romeo
“LRT has been precious in analyzing the backlinks of one of our money websites that had been severely hit by Google Penguin. After several months, and using mainly Link Detox we were able to fully recover and we now use LRT to keep the backlink profile under control in case some more bad link show up.”

Antonie Geerts
“I use LTR to analyse my client’s websites to get them back in the good books of Google. Problem in the field of SEO, Link building and digital marketing in general is the amount of cowboys who outsource link building for their clients without understanding the long term implications of this approach. LTR is a tool made by professionals for professionals and the amount of insights it has given me has been worth the monthly investment. “

Daniel Larsson
“I have been using LinkResearchTools for some years and it helped me to find bad and to get out from Google penalties. Probably the best link reasearch software out there and it should be mandatory for all seo managers.”

Gavin Duff
Gavin Duff
“LinkResearchTools is something that no SEO professional can be without. With tools such as Link Juice Recovery and Link Detox, I have personally seen rankings increase for my clients across the board.”

Dave Naylor
Dave Naylor
Head of Search Marketing at, @davenaylor
“If you’ve ever had that ‘Analysis Paralysis’ where you can’t take any action due to over planning on which links you should go after, then LinkResearchTools is the answer!”

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
“The key is not only collect as much data as you can, the key is to make real use of it; and LinkResearchTools are doing fantastic job organizing and making sense of tons of link-sensible information.”

Marcus Tandler
Marcus Tandler
“LinkResearchTools is one of the tools our link builders use on a day-to-day basis. It´s a great product at an affordable price, and should be in everyone´s toolbox who´s doing this business professionally.”

Chris Winfield
Chris Winfield
CMO & Managing Partner at Blueglass, @chriswinfield
“LinkResearchTools is an important weapon in any serious Internet marketer’s arsenal.”

Bob Rains
Bob Rains, @bobrains
“If you’re doing SEO in any of the major competitive industries you have to know your battle field and understand which links are powering your competitors more likely than others. I’m happy Christoph finally released some of his “secret inhouse tools” to the public finally after so much begging. […]
If you’re serious about link building then you HAVE to use LinkResearchTools”

Jason Duke
Jason Duke
Founder of StrangeLogic, @JasonD
“I’ve worked in online marketing, with a specific focus on very competitive SEO for over 10 years. All the way throughout that time the methods that have led to success for my clients and I are due to research, research, research and some more research. […] LinkResearchTools from Christoph Cemper not only delivers the game play book, but the strategic operational manual for success. You just need to supply some sweat and then reap the rewards.”

You can easily beat your competition with LRT confirms Bartosz Góralewicz – Elephate

Listen to what Bartosz has to say about LinkResearchTools in his native language, POLISH!

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Paul Healey testimonial
Paul Healey
Managing Director at Hire Finess, @hirefitness_lon
“What a great set of tools. I am not some one who usually gives testimonials but i was so impressed with this I need share my views. I have been thinking about joining for a few months , after reading some email shots with case you have been sending me and i just joined last week. Wow what a great set of tools you have, I am so angry with myself for not joining sooner and wasting so much time differing.
I instantly pinpointed where what need rectifying on 2 of my websites and can now sleep easier knowing that i have your software protecting my business.I also for one of my older sites the Link juice recover tool was a nice extra.
This is a set of tools every webmaster should have!!
Thanks Guys”

kan gude testimonial
 Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
Col Skinner
“I have brought LinkResearchTools into many of my past in-house and agency roles. Now as an independent digital consultant running my own business I find the range and depth of tools in the Starter package a crucial aid whilst producing audits and reports for my clients. I think the team at Cemper do a fantastic job to adapt their suite to the digital industry trends and updates creating an ever changing set of relevant tools. Keep it up!”

Emil Sorensen testimonial
Emil Sørensen
Technical Director SEO at River Online
“I am very amazed with Link Dtox tool. I did some tests at first, then i saw many positive results. So i did some more tests, and the results was the same. Link Dtox saved me a lot of manuel work time. No SEO company can afford NOT to buy this amazing tool. I deal with a lot of SEO clients on a daily basis, and i would not trade this tool for any other.”

kan gude testimonial
 Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
Kaan Gude
Digital Marketing Assistant at
“At we have successfully implemented the use of Link Detox in over 65 audits and 12 manual link clean-ups. We have reviewed over 750,000 links and with the help of Link Detox, we have significantly improved audit time and efficiency, as a result our clients can often overcome and prevent potentially disastrous Google Penalties. We have written a full blog review of Link Detox, available at here

Hitesh-Patel testimonial
Hitesh Patel
CEO of
“Our agency has been using various tools over the years for link research but we never have never seen something as thorough as LinkResearchTools. It is a valuable tool and has helped us improve rankings for our clients in an organised and systematic way. In addition to this the Link Detox tool is AMAZING. We have removed several penalties using this tool to sort and disavow spammy links. Keep up the great work guys!”

Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
 Miguel Garcia Link Detox Testimonial
Miguel Garcia
“LinkResearchTools is a fantastic tool, better than many others I’ve tried over the years. It really helps to detect links with high link audit priority for our customers, which is very important today with the change of Google.”

David Castellon testimonial
Madrid map
David Castellón
“We love the task-oriented interface and how simple it is to find the information we need in each step of the analysis process. LRT has helped us to work better and quicker. Thank you!”

Adam Mason Testimonial
Peterboroug map
Adam Mason
“I have used Link Detox from LinkResearchTools since launch and am still using it today. I can honestly say that it is by far the best and easiest link risk analysis tool available. With the ability to quickly add your own back links from other sources and to add in the disavow tool it also allows you to great a fantastic report for your clients and breaks down every single link so you can easily explain why each link needs to be removed. With the advancement of Link Detox genesis it has become even more advanced and required less of my time manually going through the links. Link Detox has allowed me to scale penalty recoveries and keep the success rate high. “

Maximilian Euler Testimonial
Maximilian Euler
“We love to work with LinkResearchTools. It’s our favorite software for link analysis. We also love the detox tool very much with all the rules which helps us monitoring the health of our clients link profiles. The BLP tool does not only show links but also mentions(!) which is very cool because that’s the direction where things are moving to. Keep up the great work guys!”

New Dehli
Shamsher Khan
“Very useful tools as back links are the backbone of any website in order to rank well. This tool makes my burden easy to bit my competitor by showing their back links. I use in my daily work. Until now I don’t know about other tool like this one for back link research. Awesome tools, many thanks to the founder of”

Mor Deak
Mór János Deák
Head of international SEO at
“We have reduced the number of links with high link audit priority for many customers with the help of LinkResearchTools and their evaluation. But those tools can also help with linkbuilding. My personal favourites are Competitive Link Velocity and Link Juice Thief. With those you can do linkbuildings even more professionally and successfully.
LinkResearchTools are a must-have for all companies which do linkbuilding and link reduction”

Daniel Marriott
Daniel Marriott
SEO Consultant at Zazzle Media
“LinkResearchTools is an amazing suite of specialist tools that every SEO should be using. Link Detox gets its fair share of uses every month and is a vital part of our penalty recovery process and we would not be as successful without it. With many manual penalty revokes under our belts this is by far the best tool for the job.”

Mike Meade
Mike Meade
“LRT is an amazing bit of kit for anyone in the SEO industry. If you want to compete with your competitors you need LRT! I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have already upgraded to a better package. Signing up was one of the best investments I have made, and the support I have received is second to none!”

Daniel Schweitzer
Daniel Schweitzer
Teamleader Offsite SEO SoQuero GmbH, @SoQuero_OM
“When it comes to backlink analysis there is actually no alternative to the LinkResearchTools. No other provider offers a comparable amount of data. We love the possibility to gain other provider´s data by connecting them via API and get all necessary KPIs and information at a glance.”

David Castellón of Agencia Digital UNO: LRT a must have set of Link Building Tools

Travis Ramos testimonial
Travis Ramos
Founder & Executive Director at Second Mile Water
“LinkResearchTools has allowed us to form a solid strategy to supercharge our online presence, and as we grow we cannot wait to see the results of putting our strategic plan into action. We’ve not only used it to assess competitors and identify places to grow our online presence, but we’ve also used it to inform our overall web engagement strategy. Thank you LinkResearchTools!! “

Duncan Cumming testimonial
Duncan Cumming
“Amazing tool. Would recommend it for anyone working in the SEO arena. Our link builders use the tool religiously. Top notch! “

Victor Christiansenn testimonial
Stephan Czysch
“LinkResearchTools is a pretty handy and helpful tool saving us hours of work time everyday. I promise you don’t want to miss “Link Detox Screener” after you used it for the first time!
Pro Tipp: Sign-Up for the LRT Associate Certificate for a deep-dive into the tool! “

Sander Jacobs testimonial
St Julien
Luciano Borg
“Since Google changed its backlinks strategy, whereby bad links pointing at your website can actually punish your site in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), it has become crucial to identify those links that could be seriously hindering your SEO efforts. Although EC English Language Centres never engaged in any Black Hat SEO tactics, we did not want to wait for a Google Penalty to start cleaning our back links. LinkDetox helped us identify a significant number of toxic links which we would otherwise never have been able to identify. Apart from a providing us with a “very efficient” set of tools, LinkDetox’s Support Team is truly professional and dedicated.”

Victor Christiansenn testimonial
Victor Christiansenn
“We have been using other tools before we tried Link Detox. The other tools were very limited and did not bring desired results. With Link Detox we got the correct results and more than we expected.”

Sander Jacobs testimonial
Sander Jacobs
Founding partner at Search Science
“During the years we have tested many SEO tools for our Search Engine Marketing clients. LinkResearchTools provide us with a lot of useful information for our clients. The addition of the Link Detox tools were great to help a client out that saw a decline in Search positions due to the latest Google updates. I would also want to take this opportunity to thank the support employees of LRT for their fast and clear assistance.”

Arlo Carpenter testimonial
Arlo Carpenter
“LinkResearchTools have proven to be a great boon to our small, but growing organization. These state-of-the-art tools are helping us bolster our online presence in all the right ways. Having access to these tools has given us the ability to observe the strategy of multiple highly successful companies in our target demographic, from which we are now able to develop our own agenda for online success. Having large data sets complied and presented in such a convenient and concise fashion has proven invaluable.
As an intern, I have never before used software similar to LRT. I was not even aware of what SEO was! However, in the course of a couple weeks I feel like I am becoming an SEO buff. Highly recommended for both SEO newbies and SEO professionals. All of us at Second Mile Water are grateful for all of your generous and unfailing services. You ROCK!”

Serhat Karahan testimonial
Serhat Karahan
CEO at, @SrhtKarahan
“ does SEO in house as a VC-backed startup. We have been trying many tools from many sites but LinkResearchTools is apparently the last stop for us. Results have been amazing so far and these guys are clearly the best.”

Aline Alquati testimonial
Aline Alquati
Online Marketing Specialist at treefish GmbH, @treefishDE
“The LinkResearchTools are really great. They are our favorite tools for link analysis. Every tool provides very rich and precise data, which is exactly what we need for high quality link building!”

Jens Fröhlich testimonial
Jens Fröhlich testimonial
Jens Fröhlich
“In my opinion no other analysis tool has the scope of options and insights into link metric secrets as the LRT. By the aid of the Link Detox Tools I managed to free several websites from a manual measure by Google and I am convinced that these results without the LRT would not have been so quickly and clearly possible. Thanks Christoph!”

We’d love to have you as a happy customer too.

Dimitri Tarasowski
“LinkResearchTools is one of my favorite backlinks tools, which I’m using every day. Especially the Competitive Landscape Analyzer is just incredible. I cannot imagine doing linkbuilding without Cemper’s toolbox. Well done, guys!”

daniel schlotter
Daniel Schlotter
Searchanalyst at KUPONA
“Die Linkresearchtools von @cemper sind für die Offsite-Arbeit nach nur wenigen Tagen zum Must-Have geworden.”

richard kershaw
Richard Kershaw
“LinkResearchTools is the only subscription linkbuilding tool that I recommend to friends. The data is actionable and accurate, and the interface is fast & easy to use.”

birger friedrichs
Birger Friedrichs
“Just reviewed my latest Link Alerts (set up in @lnkresearchtool) – Wow, great opportunities for new links. Thumbs up! :D”

soeren eisenschmidt
Soeren Eisenschmidt
Blogger at, @eisy
“To my knowledge, Christoph’s LinkResearchTools are the only ones that really deserve their name. From the first to the last tool, they all have professional structures, a wide range of functionality and what’s most important: a rewarding ROI! The tools are unique and save you many hours of work every week. I don’t know any other tool that unravels link networks as easily as this one. Terrific!”

dennis hain
Dennis Hain
Owner of fusepro, @fusepro
“Thanks to Superhero-Account of LinkResearchTools I save time-consuming Excel stuff and have a broad grin on my face.”

Kamil Guzdek of explains that LRT gives the most accurate analysis of competition backlinks

Listen to what Kamil has to say about LinkResearchTools in his native language, POLISH!

You can also listen to his opinion about Link Detox in POLISH!


We’d love to have you as a happy customer too.

karl kratz
Karl Kratz
“Si vis pacem para bellum: Cemper’s ‘LinkResearchTools’ are the appropriate SEO-weapon to dominate the digital online marketing battle field: Precise data, smart queries and rich details help you to analyze your competition, choose the seo strategy that fits your needs and extremely boost your linkbuilding performance.”

michael geneles
Michael Geneles
“LinkResearchTool’s unorthodox approach to link analysis will absolutely blow your mind! I’ve been using LRT since the Private Beta, and it has literally saved my link building team thousands of man hours pouring over link data. LinkResearchTools help us focus on links that really make a difference.”

markus kloesschen
Markus Klöschen
“Linkalerts von @cemper haben sich schon 15 Minuten nach Öffnen der Mail gelohnt!”

martin sinner
Martin Sinner
founder of, @datarama
“We love to use the LinkResearchTools and are successful with them. It’s an irreplaceable tool for us. You also appreciate our suggestions for improving the tools. What more can we expect?”

Evert Veldhuijzen
“LinkResearchTools is a unique tool, which helps us to save hours of work a day. There’s no other tool on the market that combines so much data and checks in real time if found links still exist. […] And Cemper’s Juice parameter helps me in combination with other parameters like PR, MozRank and ACrank to pick the best link sources without losing time and money on poor links. To my competitors: Please don’t buy this tool! :D”

Bjoern Tantau
Managing Director of
“The LinkResearchTools by Christoph Cemper are very useful. Intelligent functions and practical features make backlink research a genuine pleasure. With the LinkResearchTools linkbuilding becomes simpler and more efficient. Especially the LinkAlerts are great. Using them you always have an eye on your continuous linkbuilding process – and not only for own projects, but also for those of competitors. Who works on linkbuilding for his website or his company should use the LinkResearchTools.”

Christiaan Bollen of recommends LinkResearchTools

Christiaan also made a testimonial in his native language, DUTCH

We’d love to have you as a happy customer too.

christian rudolf
Christian Rudolph
“I work with two publicly listed companies in Sweden and I use your tool in my work for them. LinkResearchTools is one of the most important tools in my SEO work for clients since it gives me a lot of control of the links and the competitors. I can also focus my linking job to the most important links.”

marc schmitz
Marc Schmitz
“Finding the “right” link sources with little effort and monitoring and optimizing the own link building activities – LinkResearchTools offer the tools for it. You can analyze several SEO data sources at one time together with LRT’s own Juice parameter. The opportunity to combine the individual tools offers a new, previously unutilized link building potential.”

uwe walcher
Uwe Walcher
“I don’t want to miss the LinkResearchTools in my everyday SEO life. I especially like the Common Back Links Tool that helped me to get some high quality backlinks for my projects, e.g. great PR6 links from university sites. The second highlight is the Backlinks and Anchortext Tool that I use to investigate my competitors’ link building and I already got some number one rankings for my clients.”

markus jalmerot
Markus Jalmerot
Founder of SEO Specialist
“State of the art SEO tools I can recommend for everyone working in SEO. If you’re in need of detailed backlink profiles – the LinkResearchTools are exactly what you need.”

website boosting
Issue 03-05/2011
“This toolkit is primarily for professional SEO and is – as the name tells – focused on absolute transparency regarding linking. Additional to usual visualisation its true power is revealed after downloading the analytical data as XLS or CSV files. No other tool displayed this kind of detailed data to measure linkquality within our test.”

suchradar testimonial
Issue 24
“LinkResearchTools are one of those few tools that focus solely on link building. Different questions can be answered among various reports like e.g. you can search for websites that already link to your competition. There’s nothing to grump about regarding data and functionality: In no case we found glitches that you find in other tools occasionally like wrong encoding or other problems. Those tools make a very well-engineered impression and are up to date.”

We’d love to have you as a happy customer too.

seo united
Heiner Hemken, Owner of
“The LinkResearchTools are made for finding the backlinks of a website. The tool draws its data from over 20 link-sources, gives detailed information with the help of more than 50 metrics and verifies each link almost in real time. We use the LRT for our daily search for valuable backlinks. The tool is fast, provides extensive data and owns features that no other backlink-tool can give us.”

marketing playthings
Tim Larsen, CEO of Marketing Playthings
“LinkResearchTools is an incredibly valuable toolset for any marketer that uses SEO for traffic generation. I used to use about 4 or 5 different tools/subscriptions/etc to get the information I can now get with just one (LRT). It’s just an amazing amount of information that’s very useful for my business. Definitely recommend it!”

dennis naverdsen
Dennis Narvedsen
Head of SEO at iProspect Denmark
“LinkResearchTools is our most used tool when it comes to linkbuilding. Our linkbuilding team uses linkresearchtools every day for finding and managing the best link oppertunities. Linkresearchtools is the tool you wouldn’t want your worst SEO competitor to have.”

nicolas sacotte
Nicolas Sacotte
SEO Manager / Owner at activetraffic
“Using the Superhero-Toolkit doesn’t just save us a lot of time, but motivates our employees, who previously had to do any analysis by hand. Collecting data, calculating, correlating and analysing sometimes took ages. does all with one click and even puts the data into nice graphs and charts. Our team strongly recommends this tool! Try it and you will see…”

Asle Skarpengland from Norway recommends LRT

dirk schiff
Dirk Schiff
“The LinkResearchTools are helpful to use for professinal SEO. With this tool is it possible to control competitors and improve offpage optimization.”

Tobias Braun
“ is the best linksearch tool our company ever tried. Our linkbuilders love this powerfull tool!”

olivier hauser testimonial
Oliver Hauser
“Innovative and unrivaled: Without the LinkResearchTools there is no serious way to build links properly. For my daily work it is unimaginable to abandon the Tools of LinkResearchTools.”

yannick eckl testimonial
Yannick Eckl
Online Marketing Manager, qualitytraffic GmbH
“The LinkResearchTools are a powerful collection of tools that I use every day. The quality, variety and presentation of data are great and an immense time saving! I personally do not want to waive the LRT!”

guy levine testimonial
Guy Levine
“LinkResearchTools gives today’s digital marketer the data and toolset for making strategic decisions to set them aside from competitors.”

Marco Frazetta
Marco Frazzetta
“Christoph’s LinkResearchTools are the chili in the link soup! Our link builders use the Superhero toolkit almost every day to find the best link sources.”

LRT are tools made from professionals for professionals says Ramon Rautenstrauch

Ramon also made a testimonial in his native language, SPANISH

Patrick Wienecke
Patrick Wienecke
Patrick Wienecke, @PatrickWienecke
“These LinkResearchTools are simply awesome.”

vincent suenderhauf testimonial
Vincent Sünderhauf
“Yes, it is indeed the only tool we need. We use it every day and don’t want to miss it anymore.”

stefan kuntze
Stefan Kuntze
Owner, bitbiz
“The LinkResearchTools are an essential part of my daily work. Whether you need a quick overview on a backlink profile or a sophisticated competitive analysis – with the LinkResearchTools you have a very powerful tool for successful search engine optimization. It is a must-have for everybody who works in search engine optimization!”

david klein
David Klein
“The tools are just amazing. The more I learn what they mean, the more of an expert I look. I talk about sites to other top experts now and they are just amazed that I know things about their sites that they have no idea of. The detox tool is remarkable, and just shocks people, LOL. Thank you again so much for your work on this.”

LinkResearchTools is the most powerful tool in Optimals’ Digital Marketing toolbox

“We evaluate each tool we pay for every few months. LRT consistently comes back as the not only the most used, but the most powerful.” Brandon Wentland, President of Optimal Digital Marketing



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LinkResearchTools trusted brands

I work with two publicly listed companies in Sweden and I use your tool in my work for them. LinkResearchTools is one of the most important tools in my SEO work for clients since it gives me a lot of control of the links and the competitors. I can also focus my linking job to the most important links.

Christian Rudolf,

The most amazing part about the LinkResearchTool is the way they are using tons of data in an absolutely unique way. You can safely use the toolset in combination with any current link building research software you are currently using: LinkResearchTools will provide you with some different insight.

Ann Smarty, My Blog Guest