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Link Detox Tune

Fine-tune Link Detox® to your needs and niche

Adapt your SEO analysis to you niche

There are certain particularities for every web niche. Google has algorithm variations for different markets or languages.

The values of the Link Detox Risk calculation may be different from one industry to another.


link detox tune

Get more accurate results

We allow you to customize your Link Detox analysis according to your industry, language or country.

This will help you get a more precise DTOXRISK® score.


Get the most accurate data about your backlinks

Adapt your Link Detox analysis to a specific niche, country and language.


DTOXTUNE gives you the power to adjust particular DTOX rules based on your opinion and experiences, so the calculation of the DTOXRISK can fit your needs even better. You will only find the problematic links which you think are a problem for you.

Every niche is different on the internet. Now you can adjust your Link Detox analysis to the complexity of the real world by optimizing every single DTOX rule for a specific country or market.

Link Detox Adapts To Your Needs

Google uses a different version of their internal algorithm. One backlink can be bad for one industry, language or country, but very helpful for the other. This is why we developed a unique feature in Link Detox: DTOXTUNE. It allows you to adjust the Link Detox Genesis algorithm to your individual needs.

With DTOXTUNE you can do the following:

  • Decide which DTOX rules should be excluded (at all) from your report – so you can disable single rules
  • Decide which DTOX rules shall be weighted less than in the standard Link Detox Genesis algorithm
  • Decide which DTOX rules shall count more towards the DTOXRISK  result than in the standard Link Detox Genesis® algorithm
  • Save those settings in your account – with meaningful titles
  • Get a DTOXTUNE code that you can share safely with fellow SEOs
  • Apply your DTOXTUNE to new reports
  • Re-Run previous Link Detox reports with your DTOXTUNE
  • And some more goodies in the future!

Customize Your Link Detox Genesis Algorithm

To create your individual setting, go to the DTOXTUNE dashboard and adjust the importance of each of the rules according to your needs. Exclude the ones you think are not necessary.

You can also give more or less weight to the other rules. After customizing your settings, you can generate your DTOXTUNE code and share it with other Link Detox users if you wish.

Market-leading Transparency

Since its launch in 2012, Link Detox has always been transparent with its Link Detox rules.

We believe this transparency has helped our users in two major ways:

  1. It educated our users on the underlying problems and tactics that were long outdated.
  2. It helped users clearly understand why we believe a link is risky so they can make an educated decision to accept or disregard our opinion.

We believe empowering you, our users, with transparency is crucial to your success to Recover – Protect – Build.


customize your SEO reports


Adapt your website audit report to your market, language, and country

Get a more precise Link Detox Risk assessment by adapting the Link Detox algorithm to your individual needs.

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