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111 things you need to know about risky links

Do you have a question about SEO, penalties or links in general?

You’ll sure find an answer in this eBook.

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111 Things You Need to Know About Links

111 SEO answers for you

In this eBook you’ll learn 111 things you need to know about links, redirects, SEO audits, competitive domain research, disavow and Google Penalties.

We answer real questions that we received from thousands of SEOs over the past 10 years. Real questions that everyone SEO has when starting a new SEO project.

Competitive Analysis, Link Building, Manual Penalties, Algorithmic Penalties, SEO metrics, traffic increase strategies. You have it all here.

Are you wondering what are the steps that you need to take when you receive a message in your Google Search Console that you have Manual Action for unnatural links to your site?

What if your website’s rankings drop all of a sudden? Do you know what you need to do to detect and get rid of an algorithmic penalty?

Do you know that doing a competitive domain analysis is vital for every SEO strategy and that it needs to be at the heart of it? Do you know where to start with it and what are the key points that you need to focus on when doing SEO?

You have all the answers in this eBook.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Proven SEO strategies that work today

How to build high-trust .edu and Wiki links

How to get your competitors to indirectly link to you

How to see the link risk level in your niche

How to find your competitors common backlinks

How to check if your website has a Google Penalty

How to do an efficient link audit

How to recover from a Google Penguin penalty

How to quickly revoke a Manual Action for Unnatural links to your site

How to get Google to take your disavowed links into account fast

How to check the anchor text distribution for your links

How to find the right links to disavow


A few facts about the author Christoph C. Cemper

  • Founder of LinkResearchTools and creator of Link Detox
  • self-employed since 2003 working with links
  • 122.640 hours of experience with links and SEO
  • or 14 years of getting up every morning to work with links
  • spoken on 312 conferences about links
  • 152 public trainings about links since 2007
  • Mastermind of LinkResearchTools (LRT)
  • Ongoing SEO-experiments and tests
  • years of experience in online marketing
  • years of experience as a coach

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