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What does Link Crawl Budget (LCB) mean?

Link Crawl Budget (LCB)

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Link Crawl Budget refers to the total number of links that can be crawled for one or more domains in LinkResearchTools (LRT) and Link Detox (DTOX).

Link Crawl Budget is assigned on sign-up and renewal for a given service period (e.g. one month) and then expires at the end of the service period.

Link Crawl Budget replaced the old LRT Credits System (starting with DTOX and CDTOX) in February 2019.

Every plan comes with a certain Link Crawl Budget per service period. If you run out of Link Crawl Budget during your service period, you can increase it with add-ons. Link Crawl Budget that comes with your subscription has a better price/value than add-ons. Link Crawl Budget that comes with higher plans has a better price/value than with lower price plans.

How is Link Crawl Budget deducted?

Link Crawl Budget is deducted in steps of 10.000 links, so the minimum cost on an analysis is 10.000 links.

All gross links count toward the usage, including site-wide links.

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