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Advanced Competitive Research

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competitor analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis Hands-on Tips [PART I & II]

Understand how your website is performing against the competitors & how competitive is the market you are competing in before you start an SEO project.

You cannot start a serious SEO project without doing any competitive analysis. You need to understand how well (or poorly) your website is performing against the competitors, and how competitive is the market you are competing in.

Competitive Domain Analysis can also help you qualify clients and set their expectations and deliverables. It is important not to confuse it with SEO audit, as the two are quite different. If done correctly, thorough competitive domain analysis will lay a solid foundation for your overall strategy.

Without that knowledge, it can be very difficult to compete, win, and dominate your niche.

And guess what?

Christoph C. Cemper gives away all the secrets of competitive analysis in this webinar.

Here's what you'll learn:

how to find out who your online competitors are

how to see at a glance how strong your competitors are

how to see the backlinks that your competitors have in common

how to get competitors to link to your website

what is the recommended amount of links you need to build to stay competitive

how to find out the normal link risk in your niche

Christoph C. Cemper Speaker

Get the Most of LinkResearchTools – Tips from the Founder

Learn how to use LinkResearchTools (LRT) to get the full picture of your backlink profile and as much link data as possible, refined and re-crawled with every report you start.

No other SEO software or online marketing tool provides you with as rich, and accurate data in one single central system as LinkResearchTools (LRT) does. But to get the most of it, you need to learn how to set it up correctly.

Learn it from Christoph C. Cemper- the founder of LinkResearchTools and Link Detox in this exclusive webinar.

Here's what you'll learn:

how to get started with LinkResearchTools

how to combine the highest possible number of link sources

how to use recurring reports and set-up a smart workflow for link audits, link building, and link monitoring

Google Penguin Penalty

Google Algorithmic Penalties and How to Recover

Your website can trigger a Google Penguin filter any day if you have unnatural links. It’s vital that you understand how to deal with it.

Now Penguin is part of Google’s Core Algorithm; there are no periodic updates anymore. It runs in real-time. That means that your website can trigger a Google Penguin filter any day if you have unnatural links. Now is the time to keep an eye on your backlink profile, get rid of the risky links and build only high-quality, Penguin-friendly new links.

Christoph C. Cemper will answer all your questions about Google Penguin in this webinar.

Here's what you'll learn:

why you need to disavow risky links and how to do it

why push Google to re-crawl the links in your disavow file faster

how to spot a partial Penguin penalty

how to do link building when you have a penalty 

how to avoid a Google Penguin Penalty

links disavow work optimization

Link Disavows – The Smart Way

We have seen thousands of proven examples where disavowing risky links has led to a recovery from a Google Penalty. Learn how it can work for you.

We recommend using the Google Disavow tool and clean your backlink profile on a regular basis. Even if you don’t get a Manual Action Penalty, the toxic links pointing to your website can cause a trigger for the Penguin spam filter any time. That’s something you want to avoid if you care about your online business.

Christoph C. Cemper will teach the smart way to do link disavows…and un-disavows. 

Here's what you'll learn:

 when and how to use the Google Disavow tool

why disavowing the links you see in Google Search Console is not enough

how to find out which links to disavow

how to find out if Google crawled the links in your disavow file and when

why you need to also consider un-disavowing links

Link Building Tips

Link Building Essentials

Building great links can boost your rankings since links are Google's first ranking factor, alongside content and rank brain. Learn how it can work for you.

After you recover from a Google Penalty, you need to keep on monitoring your backlink profile, but you also need to build strong and trustworthy links on a regular basis. Your competitors are building links, Google loves great, relevant links to and from great content and you should not stay behind.

Christoph C. Cemper will give you a bunch of exclusive link building tips.

Here's what you'll learn:

what are the SEO metrics you need to use for link quality evaluation

what is natural anchor text distribution and how to check it

how to quickly check a handful of link building opportunities

 how to find great links that your competitors have, but you don’t

how to find your competitor’s best common backlinks

how to monitor your competitor’s incoming links and pick up the best opportunities for yourself


A few facts about the author Christoph C. Cemper

  • Founder of LinkResearchTools and creator of Link Detox
  • self-employed since 2003 working with links
  • 122.640 hours of experience with links and SEO
  • or 14 years of getting up every morning to work with links
  • spoken on 312 conferences about links
  • 152 public trainings about links since 2007
  • Mastermind of LinkResearchTools (LRT)
  • Ongoing SEO-experiments and tests
  • years of experience in online marketing
  • years of experience as a coach

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Ralf Schwoebel

CEO at orga.zone, Inc.

Ralf Schwoebel

“Christoph is an extremely knowledgeable and a gifted digital marketer. I have learned more in our talks on conferences from him than in weeks of self-study. He knows what he is talking about and a pleasure to work with!”

 Derek Devlin

Director at Pulse Web and Growth Hacker


“I consider Christoph to be a pioneer of Search Marketing. His software innovations have become invaluable assets in my SEO and Content Marketing tool set. Christoph is a thought leader and industry veteran, who remains very much at the bleeding edge of the industry. He never fails to come with new innovations and insights, making him one of my most trusted confidants when it comes to strategic decision making and business development.

Patrick C. Price

Founder at vergleiche.ch

Karsten Kasparek

“Christoph is a well-recognized Search industry expert. He is a thought leader when in comes to link and social impact analysis and has not only the know-how, but also built the tools to master them. It is always inspiring having a conversation with him and I would recommend Christoph in a heart beat to anyone wanting to learn more about their backlink data or content impact.”

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