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Get an Edge as an LRT Certified Agency

Stand out from the marketing agency crowd as a LRT Certified Agency. Get certified by LinkResearchTools® and Christoph C. Cemper by completing a rigid training, certification, and re-certification process.

As a LRT Certified Agency, at least one LRT Certified Professional is working at your company that guarantees competent and up-to-date SEO and Link Audit services for your clients.

Clients look for LRT Certified Agencies to do their link related work, as it helps them to be sure that the service provider is on top of the current state of technology and methodology.

We want to build a trusted circle of experts around our team at LinkResearchTools, and you should become a part of this thrilling and thriving community ASAP!

LRT Certified Agency is the only certification level for marketing your company brand.

All other certifications are personal certifications not legible for use on agency websites, marketing material, etc.

LinkResearchTools Agency
LinkResearchTools Certified Professional

Your advantages of becoming an LRT Certified Agency

  • Highly sought after – but hard to attain – certification allows your agency to stand out from the crowd, giving your agency an unparalleled advantage and USP when pitching for clients
  • Ensure that your team stays current with LinkResearchTools and SEO
  • Option to become a licensed trainer for LinkResearchTools
  • Deep understanding of all the tools and their practical application for your team
  • Early Access to beta features of LinkResearchTools
  • Direct line to suggest future features
  • Free access to a closed LRT Certified Forum for your team to exchange information with other LRT users and Christoph C. Cemper
  • Free access to all Certified team members at the closed member event “LRT Masterminds” in Vienna.

Requirements for becoming a LRT  Certified Agency

  • Full understanding of the tools and correct usage of it (every three months an account audit will be done to review the level of quality)
  • Agency plans for one year or more
  • Minimum one LRT Certified Professional or LRT Certified Xpert Certification
  • Agency Assessment Interview and signing the LRT Certified Agency Contract


Ongoing commitment to Quality

we demand an ongoing commitment from you and your team to keep up our high-quality standards.

Your LRT Certified Professional team members have to maintain their certification level. In extreme cases of low quality we may revoke your certification, of course only are seeking a solution with you. 

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Become an LRT Certified Agency and stand out.

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