LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017

Here are the rules of the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017

...your only chance to win the last ticket to SEOktoberfest 2017!

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LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 Countdown [September 5, 2017]


The Game

After signing up to our participant list, you will need to install the Link Redirect Trace Extension, use it, and share minimum one screenshot of it on Social Media. You're welcome to share your thoughts about it as well :). We will ask you for the URL to your Social Media post when you enter the final challenge.

The final challenge will take place on the 5th of September between 5PM and 7PM (UTC+2, Vienna, Austria) / 4PM and 6PM (UTC+1, London, United Kingdom) / 11:00AM and 1PM (UTC-4, New York, USA) when all the participants will need to answer a list of typical SEO related questions as fast as possible.

On the 5th of September, we will send you an e-mail two hours before the game starts. You will have to use all your knowledge and tools to complete the tasks. After completing all questions your entry will be automatically evaluated. If you are good and fast enough you win!


Bonus Points

We also have a Giveaway set up that will help you get some bonus points for the challenge. All you need to do is register and share your lucky URL as much as you can! The more people enter through your lucky URL, the more Bonus Points you'll get.

The Winner definition

The game runs for 2 hours (exact time and date TBC). If there’s no 100% winner after 2 hours, the one with the highest number of correct answers in the challenge and the highest number of points in the giveaway wins. The points that you gathered in the SEOktoberfest giveaway, will be added to the final score.

Evaluation method

All competitors need to answer their questions in an online exam software.

The evaluation of the responses in the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 is made automatically by that software, based on our pre-configuration.

The LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 has been tested by multiple employees of LinkResearchTools. No employees of LinkResearchTools,, partners, fiancées, siblings, or otherwise closely related persons are allowed to participate.

LinkResearchTools cannot be held responsible for outages of third party software and their functionality. We, therefore, cannot be blamed for abrupt server failures, or maintenance, or any other occurring problems that lead to an interruption of the game. But believe us, we’ll do our best to make this a fair game for everyone.

Learn more

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions we collected from our participants in many years of LRT Challenges for SEOktoberfests.

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