LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017

Frequently Asked Questions About the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017

...your only chance to win the last ticket to SEOktoberfest 2017!

...including 5 nights accommodation in a great hotel, we already booked for you in Munich!

LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 Countdown [September 5, 2017]


What can I win?

We offer you to win a free ticket for the SEOktoberfest in Munich which takes place between September 18th and 22nd, 2017. You will be able to meet international-renowned SEO- & Online Marketing Experts and get everything which you will need for wonderful days at the Oktoberfest, like the garment, and free food and drinks. We will also take care of your accommodation. We already booked a hotel for you from September 17 to September 22. You just have to book your flight / train to Munich.

What do I need to do to register?

We will ask you for your full name and contact data, like your e-mail address. You will fill this information in a form on the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017.

Do I need any special programs?

This year's LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 is opened to everyone. You don't need a paid LinkResearchTools account to participate in the challenge. We want to give all the great SEOs a chance to join SEOktoberfest.

You will have to install all our free browser extensions. They will help you answer many questions during the challenge.

Last but not least, you will need to have an active Twitter account.

How can I win?

Be prepared to solve a variety of SEO related tasks, to answer a mixture of easy and advanced questions, and to hunt down the right answers. The first person who completed all the tasks with the best performance will get the ticket.

When will the challenge start?

The challenge will take place on the 5th of September between 5PM and 7PM (UTC+2, Vienna, Austria) / 4PM and 6PM (UTC+1, London, United Kingdom) / 11:00AM and 1PM (UTC-4, New York, USA)

Are there any restrictions?

People from all countries can participate in this game. All participants must have reached the age of 21 upon the start of the game.

Is the competition free to enter?

Yes, it is free to enter, meaning you don’t have to provide us with any bank account or credit card information.

In case I win, how much can I eat and drink at the SEOktoberfest?

There will be an abundance of food and drinks provided for you at the event.

Will I need to have cash on me?

Yes. We provide an awesome prize, but no babysitters, bodyguards or concierges. You are obliged at all times to handle your own travel and personal affairs at any time.

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