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Why become LRT Associate?

Why YOU should become a LinkResearchTools Associate? Learn from those that are.

Read what our valued LinkResearchTools associates have to say about why they did the LRT Associate training

I became a LRT Associate to_____________________

Dominik Hussl


Understand how to better leverage Link Research Tools and to better serve my customers when it comes to link building.

Krzysztof Furtak


To fight with Google algorithm penalties and be better and better in SEO and SEM.


Krystian Szastok


I became LRT Associate to further my knowledge in analysing links and greater understanding of link patterns etc.


I became a LRT Associate to___________

Andrew Edwards


I have used several SEO companies in the past and trusted them with my sites and hard earned money however over the years of learning SEO I have come to realise that I was over charged and under delivered frown emoticon. By bringing the SEO in-house, I have full control plus I really enjoy the detective work behind a site analysis.



Rich Blessing

Richard Blessing

Learn a tool set that I can apply when digging deep into a client’s, or prospect, or competitor’s, link profile. The comprehensive LRT tool set allows me to confidently expose tactics and strategies no longer acceptable to Google. LRT is Link Building and Link Strategy best practices.

Witold Kaczanowski


To keep on learning and learning and learning.. and become a LinkResearchTools Professional.


I became a LRT Associate to_____________________

Richard Bonn


I became LRT Associate to make better SEO decisions. So I can provide more value to my clients. So I can make more money. So I give my wife and baby more of what life has to offer. 



Thierry De Marre


To never stop learning.  I had some time to think about this. What really triggered this for me is that it happened a couple of times that some clients told me they think my weak point in SEO is link building. Fair enough, I never liked it (at the time of my first SEO steps).

Michael Möller


To learn more about competitive link building, link research and SEO techniques. Through LinkResearchTools, I can deep dive into the link portfolios of our clients, identify weaknesses and thus find solutions to generate a higher performance for them.

I became a LRT Associate to_____________________

Travis Brown


To continue pushing beyond my comfort level and expanding my SEO knowledge.

Dariusz Jurek


To gain secret knowledge about links 😉


Dawn Anderson


Cut through the fluff to the data and improve efficiency 🙂




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Clients speak for LinkResearchTools

William Sears - Growth & SEO at LinkedIn

William Sears

"A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio.

 Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links."

Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


"Your tools are the best in the industry.

 The service is great.

Christoph, your passion is contagious."

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 


"Continuous improvement of our client's results

LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines."


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