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Case Study Guidelines

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We're happy that you want to publish a case study on

You can show everybody how you used LinkResearchTools (LRT) to get excellent results. The case study should show unique and interesting ways in which you are using LinkResearchTools. Link Audits, Disavow File Audits, Penalty Recoveries, Link Opportunity Audits, Competitive Analysis, Link Risk Management just to name a few topics. You can include text, screenshots, and videos.

What will you get in return?

  • The chance to work with Christoph C. Cemper and the LinkResearchTools team;
  • The spotlight and your own place on the LinkResearchTools blog;
  • Naturally-earned Do-Follow links;
  • A rush of traffic and leads from the exposure of your name and brand;
  • A chance to be the first to try out our new products and cool product updates.

Having said this, if you have a great case study you would like to share, get in touch with us.

Send the subject and a brief description (preferably in a Word document) of the case study you are planning to write.

Once we agree on the story, here are the technical guidelines so you can start writing your case study:

Follow these instructions carefully:

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