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27 SEO Experts About Google Penguin Updates

Do you want to know the techniques that experienced SEOs around the world used to recover from Google Penguin penalties? 

Learn from the SEO experts

Make your links powerful

Outperform your competition

27 SEO Experts about Google Penguin Updates

SEO experts share their secret SEO techniques

It all started in April 2012. Google Penguin punished thousands of websites for having unnatural inbound links.

Today Google Penguin is part of Google's Core algorithm.

You don't need to wait for a new update to recover your website's rankings

Everything happens in real time now.

Your website can rank well and it can be successful.

We share 27 expert interviews with you, so you can get some great ideas and tips on how to boost your rankings.

Read the best Google Penguin recovery stories

Great SEOs have great results.

27 SEO experts share their success stories with you.

They are successful.

They removed many Google penalties by now.

And you have a lot to learn from them.


Exactly what you're getting

Battle-tested SEO tactics that are working right now.

Insights on negative SEO attacks and how to keep your website safe.

A lot of fascinating recovery stories.

Tips on how to successfully recover from a Google Penalty.

A lot of inspiring recovery stories. 


A few facts about the author Christoph C. Cemper

  • Founder of LinkResearchTools and creator of Link Detox
  • self-employed since 2003 working with links
  • 122.640 hours of experience with links and SEO
  • or 14 years of getting up every morning to work with links
  • spoken on 312 conferences about links
  • 152 public trainings about links since 2007
  • Mastermind of LinkResearchTools (LRT)
  • Ongoing SEO-experiments and tests
  • years of experience in online marketing
  • years of experience as a coach

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