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LRT Power*Trust™ Extension - Quick Start

Everything you need to get started with the LRT Power*Trust Extension.

Look at the LRT Power

Look at the LRT Trust

Go for the high-quality links only

LRT Power Trust PageRank Replacement toolbar

What is the LRT Power*Trust Extension for

In one sentence, the LRT Power*Trust toolbar is more than a replacement for Google's toolbar PageRank.

LRT Power*Trust is a two-dimensional SEO metric that will help you quickly assess the power and trustworthiness of a website or page while you browse the web.

We launched LRT Power*Trust and included it in LinkResearchTools and Link Detox shortly after the first Google Penguin update in 2012, following years of research and calculations.

We also created a browser extension that allows  you to see the LRT Power*Trust metrics also in your browser.

You'll learn how to use the LRT Power*Trust Extension to:

Understand if a link is worth keeping

See which links must go in your disavow file

Quickly reply to your clients biggest SEO questions

Discover great places to get links from

Christoph C. Cemper

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  • Mastermind of LinkResearchTools (LRT)
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  • years of experience in online marketing
  • years of experience as a coach

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