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Link Explorer (LEX)

Start looking at links in a completely different way

Understand your whole backlink profile, even if was as much as 100 million links.

What you can do 

  • Analyze your full backlink profile
  • Find millions of external and internal links
  • Get links from 25 link data sources
  • Understand the potential of your domains, subdomains, and categories
Link Explorer

And there's more...

  • Spot changes in your link profile
  • Watch out for a negative SEO attack or a penalty
  • Spot broken redirect chains and find the issue fast
  • Get an overview of your rel=canonical links (also cross domain rel=canonicals)

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How the LEX works


25 link data sourcesHow You Benefit from the Link Explorer?

Full backlink profile

What if we told you that you could look at links in a completely different way?

Can you imagine being able to understand your whole backlink profile, even if was as much as 100 million links?

What if you had a tool that could handle hundreds of millions of internal and external links and allow you to see the full and consistent link profile of your domain or multiple domains?

A tool which combines every possible link data source for you?

We started with 1 and now have 25 in the Link Explorer (LEX) tool.


Your domain, subdomains & categories in one central Dashboard

With Link Explorer (LEX) you can easily understand your full link profile and the potential of your domains, subdomains and category folders.

Domain and Subdomains Overview Dashboard in the Link Explorer (LEX)

LinkResearchTools (LRT) - Link data quality re-crawled for you

If you go to an outdated link database, you can buy link data that's five years old. This is good as raw data, as input into a system link LinkResearchTools (LRT). Just have in mind that the web changes every day, these links changed over time, maybe some of them don't even exist anymore.

That's why it's important to look at the most recent picture of your backlink profile, and it's only LinkResearchTools (LRT) that crawls all your links in real time. You get accurate, reliable and fresh link data in one central system. We clean, re-crawl and verify the link data for you.

In Link Explorer (LEX) we do a breakdown by quality links, quality domains, and quality root domains and we show you the re-crawl progress for all your links. You want to look at fresh backlink data, and we make sure that we re-crawl the links that matter to you on a weekly basis.


Link Explorer (LEX) - Crawl Progress Dashboard

Spot broken redirect chains that affect your rankings

In Link Explorer (LEX) you get accurate and fresh information about all your redirects and understand their impact. You sure want your redirects to pass all the link power, but if you have No Follow links that break your redirect chains, then your redirects are useless. If you manage to spot that, you can boost your website's rankings only by fixing these issues.

There's no software out there that shows you that kind of detail for the redirects.


No Follow Links Breaking the Redirect Chain in the Link Explorer (LEX) Overview

Trace rel=canonicals also on a cross-domain level

The rel=canonical element is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues. By using the rel=canonical tag, you tell the search engines what's the “preferred” version of a web page. What this does is “merge” the two pages into one from a search engine’s perspective.

Google takes into account cross-domain rel=canonicals. By detecting which version is canonical, Google counts all the links towards all the different versions of a page, as links to that single version.

Link Explorer (LEX) allows you to trace rel=canonicals, both on site, but also across domains and understand their impact on your website.

There could be redirects that have a negative effect on your website's rankings. Link Explorer (LEX) is the only solution that can help you get an overview of your website's rel=canonicals, including the cross-domain rel=canonicals. You cannot find this feature in any other link analysis product.

how to find your website's rel=canonical links

You can quickly spot and fix broken pages

You now have an overview of all your broken pages in Link Explorer(LEX). This allows you to fix broken pages on your website as soon as they appear, so you don’t lose any link power or actual customer traffic.

Strong SEO metrics

You can now get the strongest LinkResearchTools (LRT) Off-Page metrics such as LRT Power*Trust™, Link Velocity Trends (LVT) and Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK®) for all your internal and external links on a root domain, domain, folder, and page.

A clear view that follows your website structure

Link Explorer (LEX) is the latest innovation from LinkResearchTools (LRT), and it can help you understand your link profile on every level in a simple way – showing your website structure first. We show you your link profile in a clear view that follows your website structure. All the link data is refreshed for you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. No more stale or inaccurate link data.

You can keep track of your link profile and see an overview of your entire website. You can spot changes in your link profile that may indicate a negative SEO attack or a Google penalty.

Link Explorer (LEX) - Referring Root domains DTOXRISK and LRT Power*Trust details

Link Explorer (LEX) - Referring Root domains DTOXRISK and LRT Power*Trust details

More features coming up

The Link Explorer (LEX) develops every day, and we will soon release it to a larger selected user group.

If you want to be in that group, reserve your spot now.



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Can you imagine being able to understand your whole backlink profile, even if it was as much as 100 million links?

Link Explorer (LEX) allows this and so much more. For now, it's available for selected customers only.

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