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Link Research SEO Toolbar

Enjoy looking at the most advanced SEO metrics while you browse the Web.

Customize your searches in Google, Bing and Yandex and enjoy looking at the advanced LinkResearchTools SEO metrics on every page you open. Backlinks, Power*Trust, keyword ranking, link velocity trends, engagement metrics and social media shares. You have it all in your browser.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • See the Power and Trust of a domain or page
  • Discover great places to get links from
  • See how successful a page is on social media
  • Understand user engagement
  • See the strongest pages by Keyword Ranking
  • Spot drastic changes in the number of links
  • See the number of backlinks a page has
Link Research SEO Toolbar

You get powerful SEO metrics for every search result:

  • LRT Power*Trust™ for domains
  • LRT Power*Trust for pages
  • Buzz – social media signals
  • Impact – long-term user engagement metrics
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Link Velocity Trends
  • Number of Backlinks

Save time by looking at advanced SEO metrics on the go while browsing.

Apart from a SERP overlay that will be displayed in your search results, the Link Research SEO toolbar also gives you insights about every page you browse.


Advanced SEO metrics at your fingertips!

With the Link Research SEO Toolbar, you can customize your searches in Google, Bing and Yandex.

It allows you to sort the Search Engine results by:

  • the number of keyword rankings a website has
  • domain and page LRT Power*Trust value
  • the number of backlinks acquired or lost (Link Velocity Trends)
  • social media popularity (Buzz)
  • long-term user engagement (Impact)

Apart from using it as a SERP overlay, you can also see the toolbar with all these SEO metrics on every page you browse. There is more than one template for it and you can drag and drop it wherever you want in your browser window.

link research seo toolbar bulky

How the Link Research SEO Toolbar works


Start using the FREE Link Research SEO Toolbar today!

Enable the SEO Toolbar and the SERP overlay

To enable the SEO toolbar, click on the icon in your browser bar and press the “Turn on toolbar” button.


To enable the SERP overlay, open a search engine page and click on the extension icon to turn it on. You can also enable both the SERP overlay and the toolbar from the options menu.

LRT SEO Toolbar

Detailed description of the SEO metrics included in the Link Research SEO Toolbar

1. LRT Power*Trust

What is LRT Power*Trust?

LRT Power*Trust is a two-dimensional SEO metric that will help you quickly assess the power and trustworthiness of a domain or page while you browse the Web.

LRT Power*Trust metric is made up of:

  • LRT Power™ – a metric that helps you evaluate the strength of a page or domain based on the power and number of backlinks and
  • LRT Trust™ – a metric that helps you evaluate the quality of a link by calculating the inheritance of trust from trusted sites. It’s comparable to the TrustRank patent and indicates the implied trust of the page in Google.

If you think of LRT Power and LRT Trust as a two-axis system, it becomes clear that the links with a high LRT Power and a high LRT Trust are the strongest ones. But even an average LRT Power can be good if a link has high LRT Trust.

Learn how to use link redirect trace

LinkResearchTools Power Trust Types SEO Toolbar

Why would you look at the LRT Power*Trust?

Because LRT Power*Trust is a precise, reliable and stable metric built by LinkResearchTools shortly after the first Google Penguin update in 2012, as a result of many years of research and calculations.

Google’s Toolbar PageRank was for a long time far from being accurate or up-to-date, and Google even removed it from their toolbar in April 2016. That’s a metric you should forget about. You can think of LRT Power*Trust as a replacement for Google’s toolbar PageRank and much more. Think of it as THE metric to look at when you want to assess the quality and trustworthiness of a page, domain or top domain.

Learn more about the LRT Power*Trust technology.

2. Keywords Ranking

What is Keyword Ranking?

The Keywords Ranking is the number of organic keywords bringing users to a website via Google’s top organic search results. You can start analyzing a website’s keyword rankings in SEMrush with only one click from the Link Research SEO Toolbar on search results page.


Why would you look at Keyword Ranking?

You can only reach your target audience via organic search if you find the right keywords and rank well for them. The Link Research SEO Toolbar’s “Keyword Ranking” metric helps you get a quick understanding of your competitors’ keyword rankings. By evaluating the keywords your competitors rank for, you will easily come up with new ideas for your content optimization.

Impactana social media buzz metrics breakdown

Buzz metrics breakdown view in the Impactana App


3. Buzz

What is Buzz?

Buzz is Impactana’s aggregate of social media signals, divided into shares and likes.

These metrics are taken from platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Xing and LinkedIn.

Think of Buzz as a way of estimating the short-term, immediate success of a piece of content on social networks.


Why would you look at Buzz?

It’s a quick way to find out what sort of content is “HOT” on social media.

If you limit your search to a specific time frame, you can easily find the most shared content about a specific topic, let’s say for the past month.




Impact metrics breakdown view in the Impactana App

4. Impact

What is Impact?

Impact is all about measuring long-term user engagement. This aggregate brings together powerful metrics such as the number of backlinks, comments, clicks, views and downloads.

An article about health issues will not be shared on social media, but people may find it useful anyway.

They can engage by linking or commenting on it. That’s a much deeper engagement than a social media share.

Why would you look at Impact?

The Impact metric helps you discover strong content that people linked to a lot and engaged with by commenting or downloading it. This can be content that got a lot of traction on social media as well, but it can be a great piece of content that is not meant to be shared on Social Media at all.

Social Media signals (Buzz) are not reliable in themselves, and they don’t apply to every industry.

You only understand the value of a piece of content by looking at the Buzz and Impact metrics combined.

If we think of Buzz and Impact as a two-axis system, it’s clear that the content with a high Buzz and a high Impact is most desirable.

But even an average Buzz can be profitable with high Impact.

Types of content by buzz and Impact Impactana matrix

Learn more about Buzz and Impact by downloading this free eBook: Measure the real success of your content marketing.

5. Link Velocity Metric (LVT)

What is Link Velocity Trend?

LVT is a trend indicator which informs you about the changes in link growth. The number (expressed in percentages %) compares the value LV24m (average growth of linking root domains (DomPop, LRD) / deveolpment in the last 24 months) with LV4m (average growth of linking root domains (DomPop, LRD) / development in the last 4 months).

There are positive and negative link growth trends, depending if a site wins or loses links.

Why would you look at link velocity trends?

A website needs to have a steady link growth. Drastic changes are often interpreted as negative signals, which can lead to a loss in the rankings.  Google uses link growth trends to detect any algorithm manipulation attempts. If your backlink profile grows too fast, you’re out. If you’re too slow, you won’t ever get on the first page.

The Link Velocity Trends technology is part of the LinkResearchTools SEO Toolkit for many years now. If you have a LinkResearchTools Superhero account or a higher subscription, you can analyze and monitor link velocity trends in great detail and compare your link profile to the ones of your competitors. It’s not good to have a very different link profile compared to the ones of your direct competitors.


Link Research SEO Toolbar settings explained

The Link Research SEO Toolbar works like a SERP overlay bar that appears below each search result.

After you install the Toolbar in your browser, you will need to click on the extension’s icon to activate it. When the Link Research SEO Toolbar is disabled, the icon turns gray.

Once active, you can customize your toolbar settings according to your needs. The Link Research SEO Toolbar has a rich set of options that you can choose from.


  1. You can choose the search engines in which you would like to use the Link Research SEO Toolbar. You also have the option to enable or disable it whenever you need.
  2. The Link Research SEO Toolbar has sorting options that allow you to see your search results sorted by all the metrics included in the toolbar. While sorting by Keyword Rankings and Link Velocity Trends is always available for a domain, you can customize if you want to use the sorting by LRT Power*Trust options.
  3. While sorting by Buzz, Impact and Backlinks is always available for a page, option number 3 allows you to enable sorting by LRT Power, LRT Trust or LRT Power*Trust for pages in your search results.
  4. You can choose to highlight certain domains in SERP. You can add your domain in there, so you can spot it immediately.
  5. Option number 5 allows you to fetch results from SERP to resolve redirects and show real SEO metrics.
  6. The Toolbar has a “Highlight No Follow links” option that outlines links with rel=”nofollow” attribute on the pages you browse. Learn more about No Follow links from a research written by Christoph C. Cemper. You will understand No Follow links and why you need to pay attention to them.
  7. You have an option to enable the Link Research SEO Toolbar for every page. It has 3 different templates: mini, bulky and skyscraper. The “Mini” toolbar is displayed either on the top or at the bottom of a page, while the “Bulky” and “Skyscraper” templates allow you to drag and drop the toolbar wherever you want on your page.
Link Research SEO Toolbar Mini
Link Research SEO Toolbar “Mini”
Link Research SEO Toolbar Bulky
Link Research SEO Toolbar “Bulky”
Link Research SEO Toolbar Skyscraper
Link Research SEO Toolbar “Skyscraper”

Link Research SEO Toolbar menu explained




save search results as CSV + TSV

The “Export to TSV” option allows you to export the complete SEO analysis of SERPs to a TSV (Tab-separated values) file.

save search results as CSV + TSV

The “Export to CSV” option allows you to export the complete SEO analysis of SERPs to CSV (Comma-separated values) file.

LRT Power*Trust

Sort the search results by LRT Power*Trust for a domain or a page.


Sort the search results by LRT Trust for a domain or a page.

LRT Trust SEO Toolbar

Sort the search results by LRT Power for a domain or a page.

sore websites by number of ranking keywords

Sort the search results by the number of ranking keywords.

Link Velocity trends SEO Toolbar

Sort the search results by link velocity trend value.

seo toolbar measure social media shares

Sort the search results by Buzz – social media shares and likes.

seo toolbar measure user engagement impact

Sort the search results by Impact – user engagement (combining the backlinks, comments, clicks and downloads).


Sort the search results by the number of Backlinks each page has.

seo toolbar settings

You can use the settings icon to add or remove sorting options and more.

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LRT Power*Trust Toolbar

This toolbar is more than a replacement for Google’s toolbar PageRank. Apart from the link power, it also measures the trust of the links pointing to a certain domain.

LRT Power*Trust is THE one metric you must look at to quickly judge the overall impact of your links.

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Highlighting no-follows and links from own projects are supported as well as other power-user features.

Link Research SEO Toolbar

Link Research SEO Toolbar

Helps you customize your searches in Google, Bing and Yandex and enjoy looking at the advanced LinkResearchTools SEO metrics on every page you open. Backlinks, Power*Trust, keyword ranking, link velocity trends, engagement metrics and social media shares. You have it all in your browser.

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