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Tarifcheck24: Insurance Comparison crashed by Google Penguin

would just show you 1 link from every domain. 8 Competitive Link Detox Another competitor comparison you should do in every backlink analysis is Competitive Link Detox. I usually use the CLD for a quick insight into my link risk. If there’s any trouble, then I take a deeper look…

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3.3.2 Link Status WITH the Disavow File Used 3.4 Link Type (text, image, redirect, Etc) 3.4.1 Link Type WITHOUT the disavow 3.4.2 Link Type WITH the disavow 3.5 Deep Link Ratio 3.5.1 Deep Link Ratio WITHOUT the Disavow 3.5.2 Deep Link Ratio WITH the Disavow 3.6 Geographic Location of Links…

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Deep Dive 6.1.1. Sitewide Links from 6.1.2. Sitewide Links from 6.1.3. Sitewide Links from 7. Weak Links 8. Deeplinks 9. Did Off-Topic Links Cause the Penalty? 10. Did Poor Link Diversification Cause the Penalty? 11. Did Advertorial Links Cause The Penalty? 12. Did Toxic Links Cause the…

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–’s sitewide links Healthy, suspicious or toxic? –’s Link Detox Risk High Link Risk – A common thing within the branch?’s Press Portals Links’s Web Directory and Article Directory Links’s Wikipedia Links Too many weak links? –’s link quality No Follow & DoFollow –…

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Google Penguin Updates: Interviews With 27 SEO Experts

goal of a link building campaign sounds counterintuitive but consider this: The goal of a link campaign is never the links, it is always increasing traffic or sales. That’s the end goal, the real goal, not the links themselves. When you isolate link building to just the links, to where…

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Why is Link Risk Management Vital?

…figure is not bad for the sector. As for the link audit process, the website may be penalized due to links that holds high risk value, but go unnoticed. Following the analysis performed through Link Detox, we: Audited all links through Link Detox Screener Ignored links on the basis of…

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Double Manual Google Penalty Recovery + 302 Redirects Hurt Site

oDesk work reports. The number of unique links uploaded into Link Detox totaled 242, 416. Running the report automatically aggregated and de-duplicated the external link reports along with my custom URL list and the 24 link sources used by Link Research Tools. The final output of links to assess was…

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Competitive Domain Analysis with LRT

Quick Domain Compare (QDC) Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX) 4. Identifying Competitors Before you can do Competitive Domain Analysis you’ll need to figure out who are your competitors. Start with talking to your client. The chances are they know their niche much better…

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William Sears

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