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LinkResearchTools Partners

LinkResearchTools Partners

LinkResearchTools® (LRT) helps you solve the link data puzzle and gives a 360-degree view of your backlink profile by aggregating and re-crawling link data from 25 sources.


  • Combined knowledge - 97 SEO metrics - 25 link sources
  • Complete, refined and accurate link data!
  • Competitor research, site audits and link quality checks

Apart from our internal sources, we also have external link sources from our partners to help increase the quality of the report results.

We want to thank our partners for the cooperation!

Majestic offers SEO tools and services and the company's main aim is to provide Competitive Link Intelligence to their customers. The company comes from Birmingham, UK, and the Majestic SEO Core Team only consists of three people. The main focus of the Majestic SEO Tools lie on backlink search and backlink reports.

SEMRush started as a small group of SEO and IT specialists and is now a big data international company. Their goal is to make online competition fair and transparent. Originated as an in-house toolkit, they now offer a large set of analytics which we use as a data source too, to make your reports even better!

Sistrix is a German company, originally providing SEO and SEM consulting and informing about trends and developments in the industry in their SEO Blog. Today, Sistrix provides a toolbox with various SEO metrics and offers a big amount of data on domains, keyword and backlinks, which we are happy to use for further enrichment in our reports.


LinkResearchTools supports an integration with the Google Search Console. We automatically grab those extra links and include them in your report. This integration really saves you a lot of time.


We also get data about links and traffic from Google Analytics to enrich our backlink profile data and algorithms.

Ahrefs is a multinational company with roots from Ukraine and headquarters in Singapore. Their most popular tool is the Site Explorer, an SEO tool that's both a backlink checker tool as well as an organic and paid traffic research tool.



To enrich your reports with the last missing links, LinkResearchTools also brings you link data from Twitter. With the help of their API we can add one more source to our combination of link data and give your reports social votes as an extra source.