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  • Link Detox Smart for 1 Year
  • EUR 1799 list price
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  • EUR 360 savings for you
  • EUR 120 a month
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A new generation of Link Audit, Website Monitoring and Backlink Building

Link Detox Smart runs ongoing for all your websites

be it 1, 10, 100 or 1000 - automatically.

Just take a look below or

Link Detox® Smart is the new platform on LRT Smart we built from the ground up.

And this sales letter is about our new Link Detox Smart plan for you.


Yes, and we now can connect the dots.

In addition to

  • all the magic of Link Detox
  • very tough technical SEO and onsite issues we now also discover
  • even better data quality

we support internal links.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Founder & CEO

What is Link Detox Smart all about?

Link Detox Smart will

  • Run for you, analyze all your internal links and external backlinks in the background
  • Have recommendations ready for you, anytime, when you need them (no waiting)
  • Keep history for your links, redirects, and toxicity in the backlink profile
  • Provide you automated advice based on 15 years of SEO and Link Audit know-how
  • Suggest which links to fix (the good ones), which to remove (the bad ones)

Reduce the time needed for link monitoring and backlinks audits

Yes, To cut away all potential time-eaters in the link monitoring and link audit process that we could.

Data gathering worked fine and automated for years.


I’m talking about a hands-off interpretation of the data with easy to follow advice.

An automated Offpage SEO advisory system, if you want to call it like that.

No more fiddling around with different filters, sort criteria and filter slices (unless you want to of course!)


How you will benefit from using Link Detox Smart,

You will benefit from

Automation – thanks to the new Link Issues & Recommendations
Accuracy – thanks to 25 link data sources and a re-engineered Central Link Database and new Crawlers
Collaboration – with your clients and team members
Flexibility – much more flexible - thanks to the new Link Crawl Budget


So besides functional improvements, a lot more bang for the buck, due to better utilization of your account, which means money and time saved for you.


The time is now

NOW is the time that to

  • go with the original Link Detox Genesis® algorithm in
  • an exciting new product, built from the ground up
  • for a much better price point,
  • and get great results

Don't settle for just some results that you found included in your all in one SEO tool .

You get what you pay for.

Analyze links as links, not just source pages like the others

After all these years, it seems we at LRT are still the only ones to look at a link as a connection from A to B.

Who else do you know is also taking the target pages into account, hence look at the whole link, not just the source page?).

All that experience is now baked into a fresh and amazing new product that you will LOVE, like so many already.

Users love Link Detox Smart, because it

  1. Gives you better results than anything else on the market (included our own “Classic” line)
  2. Costs you less time and money
  3. Makes you a lot happier because everything is there when you need it at all times
  4. Has a pleasing, modern and fast UI



If you are ready to make a decision, you can


How Link Detox® and LinkResearchTools (LRT) evolved

So far, LinkResearchTools (LRT) already had...

✅ all the link data (25 data sources!)
✅ all answers
✅ and the user had to ask the questions

In the Next Generation of LinkResearchTools (LRT) also has...

✅ the questions
✅ the use cases
✅ the work priorities
✅ the (semi-)automated solution
✅ and lovely reports for your clients

which will be provided by the system.

A list of SEO advice like the one below


Would you like to get such advice for your websites? 1, 10, 100 or 1000? I bet.

Don’t let this offer slip away. It won't get any cheaper than with this initial public beta offer.

Finally, now is your time to spend more time on Quality Work - Not Data Gathering


💪 Get ready for a new way of
💪 managing dozens or hundreds of websites' backlink profiles

And spend even more time on the high-level work, instead of gathering data points.

The full LinkResearchTools Smart product will support for

Link Audits in Link Detox® (Recover)
Link Analysis and Monitoring (Protect)
Competitive Analysis (Learn)
Link Building (Grow)

Don't Miss the Chance for this HANDS OFF experience at an Unseen Low Price.

Link Detox Smart will allow running your projects on a much higher automation level than it was possible before.

Christoph, how does the new app LOOK?

You've seen the dashboard at the top.
Here are more screenshots from the most popular areas of Link Detox.

Check these screenshots out.

The Dashboard


The Issues


Link Details with the Link Trace and Redirect Trace

link details.png

Referring Pages with your backlinks on it

referring pages.png

Referring Domains grouping referring pages

referring domains.png

Link Detox Screener built right into the Link Detail view

But you can also use the existing Link Detox Screener in bulk.

source preview.png

Link Breakdown by Domain TLDs


Project Management

project dropdown

Issues detected now are the golden feature in the new "Smart Generation" of Link Detox and LinkResearchTools (LRT).

Many years of experience baked into easy to understand advisory.

We spend a lot of time to think, test, and implement these new rules on a regular basis on an ongoing basis now, as the Google rules change.

Some of the things you'll be able to do are...

Find Virus or Malware Links that can hurt your rankings overnight

Virus or Malware Links can hurt your organic rankings

Spot standard spam footprints automatically

well known link spam footprints

Protect yourself from known Negative SEO Patterns

Protect yourself from known Negative SEO Patterns

Review and Disavow very high-risk links found in your backlink profile

very high-risk links found

Find typical spam link patterns, like a high proportion of money links on weak domains

many money keyword links on weak domains

Unlike other systems you can retrain our machine learning to work better for your sites

retrain our machine learning

Find strong No Follow links worth converting to Follow

Find strong No Follow links worth converting

Note: DoFollow doesn't exist. It's actually just called "Follow link". DoFollow is a fairly weird new term that came up in the industry that is the same.

Find redirect chains costing you crawl budget and link juice

Find redirect chains

Already keep an eye on new links you need to audit

OK - that screenshot is from a fresh account tough, no worries 🙂

links not audited yet

Find excellent links that you have that you can improve further

Find strong links that you have that you can improve

Get an overview of all linking anchor texts and their risk


Use 3 Ways to Classify Keywords by Brand, Money, Compound and Other

Classify keywords on link-level


Classify keywords in bulk in an anchor text cloud


Automatic keyword classification via keyword patterns


Understand 4 Link Scopes - from External to Network to Subdomain to Internal Links

Internal Links are available for all new users. But we support four link scopes.


Understanding and connecting the dots between the different scopes of links gives you all new insights of your link profile. So you could, for example, see how internal and external links blend.

Anchor Text Breakdown by Link Scope

Does this sound new to you?

You can read more in our link analysis concepts manual to learn more about link scopes with plenty of examples.

But I guarantee - this is a unique feature you won't find elsewhere.

Build and save your own complex link data filters


Turn them into own custom Link Issues to show on your dashboard

Work with the richest set of link metrics available on the market

Look at publish dates and don't settle for crawl dates with "echo effects."


Filter by a links' location easily


Combine it all

More standard LRT metrics you probably know already, but we wanted to mention them anyways.

Use the "Secret Weapon" of very successful SEOs - Link Simulation

Easily upgrade to a full LRT Smart plan to get the "GROW" part for building links. That means simulating the links as well.

Simulate a link BEFORE you build the link

  • Previously 4 EUR check per simulated link
  • NOW: ca. 0.002 EUR per simulated link

Navigate through the data by highlighting data


Do I hear your thoughts?

But Christoph, I heard that Google figures it all out by themselves and does the disavow for me...

Yes. I heard that, too. John said some months ago.

And then they said the opposite, just some days later, how all unnatural links are of course YOUR responsibility - not Google's.

Just read up what happened to Dejan SEO.

And, when you look at charts below, you see EXACTLY what happens

  1. When Google figured out something by themselves (the sharp drop)
  2. When Link Detox and then Link Detox Boost were used.
  3. How some of the sites later disavowed more links holding them back and got beyond old traffic highs.

And then Google said this

John said on

"You're responsible for your own site, regardless if it's random internet users dropping links and writing text, or random algorithms doing that."


And then Google said this

Google's John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout on Tuesday at the 16:44 mark that in some cases, disavowing or cleaning up bad links to your site may help Google's algorithm trust other links to your site. Let me quote what the question was and how John responded, plus you can watch it yourself below.


If you want to put the risk of your website traffic into Google's hands, fine by me.

That's what Dejan SEO and many others did.

But don’t say I didn't warn you!

Here are some real-life examples of Link Detox Users' recoveries

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-1--1848w-778h-1553637848112.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-2--1850w-780h-1553637858836.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-3--1848w-774h-1553637870280.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-4--1850w-776h-1553637878377.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-5--1844w-778h-1553637886081.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-6--1848w-782h-1553637895802.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-7--1846w-782h-1553637904294.png).png

google-penalty-recovery (/assets/google-penalty-recovery-9--1842w-774h-1553637915063.png).png

Want to leave it up to Google to figure this all out?

That's fine by me (but maybe not your boss).

Note that recovery without Link Detox Boost can take up to 9 months. In this package you have 900 Boosted Links included.

And those charts are enough testimonials I hope.

If not, here are some more companies and users talking about us.

Link Detox Smart 1M

This is the new product, the new automated nerve and energy-saving way to keep track of your backlink profile.

"LRT Smart" stands for experience from ten years of operating LRT and Link, with tens of thousands of Google Penalty recoveries.

  • You will receive a Link Crawl Budget of 1 Million backlinks to crawl per year.
  • You will be able to buy additional Link Crawl Budget per your needs without upgrading to another plan and use it at your discretion.
  • Your account and data retention will be active precisely one year from account activation.

What you will get with this plan

  • A complete picture with 25 Link Data Sources (no other product offers that)
  • Automated suggestions on which problems we see and what to do. AUTOMATED and ONGOING. No more worrying about having to look for issues, or asking the wrong questions, our system will guide you.
  • The ability to train the system on which actions to take for you. We still need you to decide, but it will learn from you.
  • The ability to customize Link Issues and Alerts yourself and escalate them per your own experience and priorities.
  • A super-fast, convenient and modern “single page app” to browse even more massive amounts of data, with new reports, new functions in a completely redesigned user interface.

Ready to make a decision?

This Plan is Perfect for You IF…

  • You want a near HANDS-OFF solution as opposed to “running reports”
  • You want to spot all new patterns of Negative SEO, that nobody spotted before, including us. Dangerous stuff.
  • You want to find new trends of redirect problems that nobody foundbefore you.
  • You want to get that competitive edge on your competition, and finally a HANDS-OFF solution for operating your website.

How You can use 1 Million Link Crawl Budget

This offer is for
1 Million Link Crawl Budget included per year is the perfect fit if your domain has, e.g. 250.000 links in total
You want to refresh that crawl every three months, meaning- 250k*4 = 1M links to crawl in a year, and then some.

Other combinations are possible of course, as well – you decide.

For existing customers, keep in mind, with this package you’ll be able to analyze a lot larger domain than you could with the existing plans like

  • Link Detox Small Business (limited to maximum backlink profile size 60k)
  • Starter (limited to maximum backlink profile size 6k)
  • Expert (limited to maximum backlink profile size 150k)

If you saw an ugly warning in the past, that your plan is not big enough, then remember - that time ist over. LRT uses Link Crawl Budget in all plans now.

Of course, it's now totally up to you how you use the Link Crawl Budget.

You can also run 100 projects for 10k links each (the minimum size) just once.

If you are ready to make a decision, you can take action now.

No Plan Limits anymore?

Why is the domain-based plan limit warning a thing of the past?

Well, we remove that domain-based plan limit. Altogether.

Only the number of crawled links matter – no artificial limiting of the plans by domain size. That just sucked.

Most of our clients have a mix of domains, and we didn’t support that well. Like I said in my video.

In the future, by purchasing additional Link Crawl Budget you will be able to run more and larger domains, or your existing ones more often.

With the new Link Detox Smart plan, you will be able to run analyses on any number of domains and any size of domains in the future.

You will even be able to configure the crawl frequencies yourself.

Need more Link Crawl Budget?

If you need more link crawl budget in the future, you can top it up as you go.

Made a decision?

Beta ready for Production Use

This new generation has been in production beta use since September 2018 by real early adopter clients (thanks so much guys, you rock!)

All of the clients we switched over are VERY happy with it.

That's why we are offering it to new clients now as well already.

Do you have monthly plans? Can I pay by wire?

You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. We also offer SEPA direct debit for bank accounts in all European Countries. You can also pay via debit cards like VISA Electron or Postepay.

We also offer payment via invoice and bank wire for annual accounts or order size of around EUR 3000 or higher, so you know you need more Link Crawl Budget right away, we can invoice you.

Just let us know.

Ready to take this offer?



Any questions left? Want to see it in action?

Just take a look at how I analyze the manual action of Dejan Seo here - that is a perfect use case.

Clients speak for LinkResearchTools

William Sears - Growth & SEO at LinkedIn

William Sears

"A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio.

 Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links."

Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


"Your tools are the best in the industry.

 The service is great.

Christoph, your passion is contagious."

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 


"Continuous improvement of our client's results

LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines."


Read what other happy users of LRT say and see all the companies that licensed LRT.

LinkResearchTools is SEO Software for Link Analysis and Link Building

Trusted by the world’s most respected brands.

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