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Zendesk Security Incident

top 10 seo mistakes
Heard about the Zendesk security issue? LinkResearchTools users are not affected. But we suggest extra caution for phishing attempts recommended ...

Product Plan Name Changes 2019

21 Day Link Building Training
We renamed our plan names to make them easier to understand for our users. We believe you can now easier ...

Link Crawl Budget replaces Link Detox Credits for Lower Cost and More Flexibility

LRT Superhero and lots of features and toys to play
Link Crawl Budget replaces Link Detox Credits to give more flexibility and cost savings of up to 99.8% to users ...

LRTcon 2019 Recap – Link Building Conference collects EUR 43.545 for charity

LRTcon 2019 Recap - Link Building Conference collects EUR 43.545 for charity
Learn how we managed to collect almost 50.000 US$ in only four months for charity with a Link Building Conference we set ...

Link Detox Eco Mode – Economical Link Audit

“Eco Mode” Audit – 100% of possible domains audited
We proudly announce that we have developed the Link Detox Eco Mode. A cost-effective to auditing your backlinks. You get ...

Complete Backlink Audits – Only the Full Picture Counts

We are proud to present you our May product update that will help you save time while delivering high-quality work ...

Cemper’s Link Building and SEO Podcast Series

Learn everything about link building and SEO on the go. In short pieces who will get valuable insights how you ...

Backlink Audits Faster and Bigger

We are proud to present you our product update that will boost productivity and link data quality in your work ...

LinkResearchTools nominated for the SEMY Award for SEO Software Innovation

semy award shortlist
We feel incredibly honored to be on the shortlist for the SEMY Awards two times in a row. This time, ...

User Management Dashboard & More Licenses for Each Plan

LinkResearchTools user management
We focused all our efforts on making LinkResearchTools (LRT) easy to work with, faster and showing more link data than ...

More Improvements in Performance, Data Quality, and Usability for LinkResearchTools (LRT)

February Release 2017
We focused all our efforts on making LinkResearchTools (LRT) easy to work with, faster and showing more link data than ...

LinkResearchTools wins SEMY Award for the Best Special SEO Tool

semy award
We are honored and incredibly happy to have won the 2016 SEMY Award for the “Best Special SEO Tool”. The ...

A Perfect Replacement for the Google Toolbar PageRank

LRT Power Trust
No SEO should look at the Google toolbar PageRank anymore. There's a new SEO metric to assess the quality of ...

Important Upgrades in LinkResearchTools

Important Upgrades in LinkResearchTools
We're working on improving LinkResearchTools for our customers. We know that rich link data is one of the reasons why ...

Google Penguin Update confirmed to be “real-time”…

Google Penguin Update confirmed to be "real-time"...
Google confirmed the "Real Time Penguin Update" for 2015. You can prepare for the next Real Time Penguin Update with ...

Meeting Superheros and Masterminds – LRT Certified

Meeting Superheros and Masterminds - LRT Certified
This is the story about a successful community development among LinkResearchTools users over the course of two years and its ...

Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox

Link Detox bulk actions allow you to apply multiple actions to a whole filter-set of links. You can now quickly ...

How to Quickly Find Webmaster Contact Information with LinkResearchTools + Pitchbox

Pitchbox LinkResearchTools
After months of hard work, we’re proud to present the integration between Pitchbox and LinkResearchTools for Link Removal and Link ...

Monitor Backlinks with Link Alerts

Monitor Backlinks with Link Alerts
Link Alerts (LA) monitors new backlinks and sends email notifications to you automatically. Our unique SEO metrics help you evaluate ...

Clients speak for LinkResearchTools

William Sears - Growth & SEO at LinkedIn

William Sears

"A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio.

 Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links."

Kenneth Chan, Founder and CEO - Tobi


"Your tools are the best in the industry.

 The service is great.

Christoph, your passion is contagious."

Larry Markovitz -  Sr. Director of Organic Search at GroupM 


"Continuous improvement of our client's results

LinkResearchTools and specifically Link Detox gives us actionable insights that continuously improve our clients results in the search engines."


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