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Enable the LRT Power*Trust browser extension on the PAGE level

Imagine how much easier your SEO work would be if you had this complex metric available immediately in your browser when you look at a specific URL.

By looking at the LRT Power*Trust metric for page and domain you can quickly answer the most important SEO questions:

  • is it ok to build this link on this site?
  • is this link worth keeping?
  • and which links should go to the disavow file?

You have various options for enabling the LRT Power*Trust for Pages in your browser extension

The LRT Power*Trust metric is part of all the LinkResearchTools and Link Detox plans. Here are some of them:

Option no. #1 - Get a LRT Superhero Account

The LRT Superhero account can ease your SEO work significantly.

With the Superhero account you get a complex SEO toolkit that you can use for all your SEO tasks such as:

  • link audit with Link Detox
  • backlink profiling
  • competitor research
  • link risk management
  • link prospecting
  • contact research for outreach
  • link monitoring
  • education and certification program
  • Industry leading data

Read more about the unique technologies that make LinkResearchTools a market-leading link analysis and link risk management tool.

LinkResearchTools WON the SEMY Award for the "Best Special SEO Tool"

You can now take advantage of all the advantages of this award-winning software

LinkResearchTools Winner of the SEMY award

Option no. #2 - Get a Link Detox One Account

Link Detox One is designed to be used on one small website. It's very simple to use. It has a step-by-step wizard that will lead you through the process of your campaign setup.

The wizard helps you create your first campaign. After that, your settings will be saved for as long as you want.

The entire process is automated and your only job will be to monitor your incoming backlinks. 

Once you create a campaign, you will be able to access all your activities, reports and alerts directly from your dashboard.

What can Link Detox One help you with?

  • Recover from a Google Penguin Penalty
  • Protect your website against negative SEO
  • Protect your website against bad links
  • Monitor mentions and new inbound links



Enable LRT Power*Trust for Page Level  and get Link Detox One for only 1€ and a Tweet!

Link Detox


Make sure you fulfill the following conditions to access this offer:

  • Tweet from a REAL Twitter account, we will check for eligibility
  • Have a minimum of 50 followers
  • Settle your 1€ bill


*Link Detox One for 1€ is available for 5 days
**The price charged after 5 days is 289€ per quarter

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