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Do NOT remove your Redirects from your .htaccess file

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Do NOT remove your Redirects from your .htaccess file

do not remove your redirectsHere is my clear and direct critique to the probably most dangerous recommendation given by a Google employee Gary Illyes to Webmasters since I started doing "Google-stuff" in 2003.

And the even more dangerous transcription in The SEMPost by Jennifer Slegg although Jen has been around for a long time, too... (probably an editor's mistake).

This post is NOT about "Best Practices for 301 redirects", but a sure way to get your website's traffic and rankings into trouble.

*** Please do NOT follow Gary's advice ***

or promote this as the latest and greatest "website speed trick".

Don't remove your redirects!


The idea to delete redirects as soon as Google crawled them is NOT GOOD

This topic is very on time with our current hot topic redirects and rel-canonicals.

We also just launched a new "Link Redirect Trace" add-on for Chrome and Firefox to help with these things.

Link Redirect Trace Browser Extennsion

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  1. Martin on July 25, 2016 at 13:51

    Thank you for this article – make sense. I was thinking about Redirects last time.

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