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Case Studies

Competitive Domain Analysis with LRT

The competitive situation is different in Google for any given country, language, industry, or search term. Therefore it is crucial to develop the ability to understand your competition. This complete guide written by one of our LRT Professionals helps providing tips for competitive domain analysis.

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In January 2014, Vivint’s search visibility plummeted. Was it a common penalty or something sinister? Some accused Google of sabotage, putting Matt Cutts on the defensive. After all, Vivint specializes in home automation, just like Nest. But the real story is far more complex. See where it leads.

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The Ultimate Guide to Link Removal

This detailed guide takes you step-by-step through how to find, identify and remove dangerous links. In it, Bartosz shares shares many of his secrets, real-life examples, and a deliciously sneaky way to find hidden contact information for spammy webmasters.

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Google Nails for Spammy SEO

Cut corners and suspicious methods are signs of a contractor from hell and’s link profile. The German startup specializes in connecting homeowners with contractors. They’re also good at connecting sites to one another, building a toxic cross linking network. No wonder Google nailed them.

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