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thank you
Thank you for your interest in the LRT Certification Program

This is a unique opportunity for you to grow on a professional level by getting (or retaining) a highly visible qualification in the SEO world. It’s also a good chance for you to promote your name and your brand.

All our LRT Certified Professionals earned this qualification after they shared unique stories with us, presenting complex methodologies that turned out to be very useful not only to the LinkResearchTools users but to the entire SEO community.

To name but a few:
Google Penalty and Negative SEO Attack WOW Recovery
How to Create a Google-Penalty-Proof Website with LRT
Penguin 3.0 – last minute recovery FULL deep-dive into Unnatural Travel Link Schemes
Tradebit – A Penguin Recovery Case Study

Your story could be just one of them!
Consider writing a great case study to be published on You can show everybody a particular method in using our tools which gives excellent results.

The case study should show unique and interesting ways in which you are using LinkResearchTools. Link Audits, Disavow File Audits, Penalty Recoveries, Link Opportunity Audits, Competitive Analysis, Link Risk Management just to name a few. You can include text, screenshots, and videos.

What will you get in return?

  • The chance to work with me and the LinkResearchTools team;
  • Access to our closed group of Certified Professionals similar to the LRT Associate forum, but exclusive to the Certified Professionals only;
  • The spotlight and your own place on the LinkResearchTools blog;
  • Naturally-earned Do-Follow links;
  • A rush of traffic and leads from the exposure of your name and brand;
  • A chance to be the first to try out our new products and cool product updates;
  • A place reserved in all the LRT Certified events;
  • Fastest direct access to highly experienced experts in the Certifieds forum;
  • The first milestone to LRT Certified Xpert and LRT Certified Agency.

Having said this, if you have a great case study you would like to share, get in touch with us.

Send the subject and a brief description (preferably in a Word document) of the case study you are planning to write.

Please note that to become a LRT Certified Professional (and for higher certification)

it is MANDATORY to have an active Superhero account and to preserve it in order to maintain the level required for this tittle.

Once we agree on the story, here are the technical guidelines so you can start writing your case study.:

Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Download the case study Word doc template

2. Write the case study in the Word .doc word template.

  • List your assumptions based on overview analysis of the website.
  • Research the website using the LRT tools and approved SEO research tools.
  • Draw conclusions based on your findings.
  • Write a compelling and interesting introduction and conclusion.
  • Revise your case study to be concise. The Hemingway app can help.
  • Check your spelling (use spell check in Word AND manually proofread what you’ve written). You can also use the Grammarly plugin for Word.


Important rules regarding the spelling of our product names:

  • Always refer to our brand as LinkResearchTools and NOT Link  Research  Tools.
  • Always refer to “Link Detox” (the thing) not “a link detox” (verb/noun)
  • Always write “Link Detox” not “Link DETOX” or “LINK DETOX” or “LiNk-DeToX” or other funny capitalization.
  • You can use “DTOX” (as short name for Link Detox)
  • You can use “LRT” (as short name for LinkResearchTools)

3. Format the case study headings and paragraphs.

  • Set main section headings as Heading 2. Set subsections as Heading 3.
  • Highlight toxic links yellow and remove hyperlink if necessary.
  • Bold/italicize text where logical.

4. Create images following the guidelines below:

  • Screenshots MUST be at full 100% screen resolution (don’t zoom out or in unless necessary).
  • Width must not exceed 950 pixels wide – crop screenshots when necessary. DO NOT size images down. This reduces the viewing quality of a screenshot.
  • Save the final images in PNG format
  • Image file names should not have any spaces or periods. use hyphens.
  • Image file names should be numbered in the order they appear in the case study.
  • Image file names should have appropriate SEO names
  • Submit the final images zipped and in a numbered order according to the way they appear in your Word .doc.

For example:

  • 01-link-detox-high-risk.png
  • 02-juice-power-trust.png
  • 03-competitive-landscape-analyzer-keyword-trust.png

6. Following the conclusion of your case study, please provide the following information about yourself:

  • Links to your Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook pages.
  • An author bio to use on the site (can contain brand links, too).
  • The address where we can send your original certificate.

7. Make certain the draft is of a quality that represents you as a professional – analytical, concise, precise.

8. Send it to us for review.

Christoph C. Cemper
and the team of

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