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Posts by Christoph C. Cemper

Monitor Backlinks with Link Alerts

Link Alerts (LA) monitors new backlinks and sends email notifications to you automatically. Our unique SEO metrics help you evaluate the quality of new links at a glance. By using our powerful metrics, like LRT Power*Trust, you can easily see which links are valuable for your SEO needs.

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Deep Dive into the Penguin 2.0 Penalty of DebtConsolidationCare

This is our 5th deep dive case study. Our new Certified Link Research Tools Professional, Michael Marshall, analyzes the reasons experienced a drop in visibility following the global rollout of Penguin 2.0. This Case Study looks at a website like any professional SEO would conduct a SEO and link audit. The research looks into Spammy Links, Suspicious EDU links, Low Quality Links, Link networks, Bad linking neighborhoods and much more.

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Learn from a Deep Dive into a Penguin 2.0 Victim’s Spam Penalty

This Deep Dive case study looks at a definitive loser of the Penguin 2.0 update – HOME24.DE. This is a German site selling furniture and much more had a loss of -59% for the traffic.
Since HOME24 this is a major brand, also engaging in TV advertising it’s worth looking into it in more detail, and try to learn what went wrong, and what they could improve or could have improved.

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Interflora Google Penalty lifted

Just in time for the mother’s day in the UK, the Google Penalty for Interflora got lifted – at least partially – already and very quick. Read along this case study to find out how they manually removed the penalty and also find some interesting tweets about their recovery.

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Interflora Penalty – a Deep Dive into Bad Links

I am sure you’ve heard about being penalized by Google. No wonder, because Link Detox found over 70% toxic and suspicious links including cheap advertorials, paid blog posts etc. Here you will find examples for toxic and suspicious links that will put you in danger for a Penguin penalty.

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