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Become a Recognized LRT Certified Xpert

The LRT Certified Xpert is the ultimate knowledge level to achieve in our training curriculum.

Attendees not only need serious pre-qualification but will undergo in-depth, hands-on training and evaluation by Christoph C. Cemper and his team to achieve this unique level.

Your path to LRT Certified Xpert

To become a LRT Certified Xpert, you will have to research and develop three assignments with results that will exceed your LRT Certified Professional work in detail and completeness within three months.

All three assignments will need to be approved by Christoph as certification work.

You also need the LRT Certified Xpert Certification to qualify for the  LRT Certified Agency.

LinkResearchTools Xpert

Read some interesting case studies written by our  LRT Certified Xperts

LRT Certified Xpert Assignments

Upon successful completion of the assignments, you will receive a “LRT Certified Xpert” certificate and a badge to use on your marketing material and CV.

At this point, you will also enjoy access to our beta system to learn early about the new developments (NDA required), and have a competitive advantage when pitching for clients by your certification and knowledge.

Your advantages of becoming a LRT Certified Xpert

  • Highly visible certification that gives you an unparalleled advantage and unique selling point when pitching for clients;
  • Free SEO leads from inquiries to LinkResearchTools (with personal recommendation by Christoph C. Cemper);
  • Free promotion thru all the LinkResearchTools channels;
  • Free leads for your business from thousands of readers;
  • An approved accreditation by Christoph C. Cemper, the founder of LinkResearchTools. This will require a good amount of work. Case study publishing requires actual work and demonstration of proficiency, which furthermore increases the value of this certificate;
  • Become a highly proficient user of LinkResearchTools;
  • Optional license to conduct your own training for LinkResearchTools;
  • Deep understanding of all the tools and their practical application;
  • LinkResearchTools Helpdesk priority for your tickets;
  • Networking opportunities with other LRT users, Christoph C. Cemper, and his team
  • Free Access to a closed LRT Certified Forum to continue exchange with other LRT users and Christoph C. Cemper;
  • Free Access to a closed member event “LRT Masterminds” in Vienna, as well as a reserved place in all the events organised by LinkResearchTools.



Requirements for becoming a LRT Certified Xpert

  • Confirmed Level of “LRT Associate.”
  • Confirmed Level of “LRT Certified Professional.”
  • Successful publishing of three complex case-study/research papers, approved by Christoph C. Cemper, within three months to show consistent performance
  • Successful defense of research paper with Christoph C. Cemper
  • Active Superhero Account or higher to perform research with all features and options
  • Refresh publishing – demonstrate your knowledge and performance with one new case study approx. Every three months from then on. The goal is to keep you on top with the tools, the market, and SEO. This could also be a following up case-studies, e.g. follow-up on a Google recovery case of a client of yours.


Do you need more advanced training to become an LRT Superstar?