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Meeting Superheros and Masterminds – LRT Certified

July 2, 2015

This is the story about a successful community development among LinkResearchTools users over the course of two years and its impact on LinkResearchTools and every single LRT user. Learn from our learnings and help make the community even more valuable.

Link Detox for pages and sub-folders

October 1, 2014

Our Link Detox Risk update is out now. Dive deeper into page and sub-folder analyses. Pitchbox outreach is now supported from three more tools – CLA, CDTOX and MLT. And some extra goodies of this release: social signals, auto-complete for tags and SEMrush country update.


Work more efficiently with new Bulk Operations in Link Detox

August 7, 2014

Link Detox bulk actions allow you to apply multiple actions to a whole filter-set of links. You can now quickly disavow, rate and tag thousands of links at once. Judging from the excited feedback of our Certified LRT Professionals – who again got first access to the beta – this is something you will LOVE as much as they do.

Pitchbox LinkResearchTools

How to Quickly Find Webmaster Contact Information with LinkResearchTools + Pitchbox

June 26, 2014

After months of hard work, we’re proud to present the integration between Pitchbox and LinkResearchTools for Link Removal and Link Building Outreach. If your site has been penalized, Google expects you to contact the sources of those bad links and show proof of your outreach in your disavow file.

Monitor Backlinks with Link Alerts

October 3, 2013

Link Alerts (LA) monitors new backlinks and sends email notifications to you automatically. Our unique SEO metrics help you evaluate the quality of new links at a glance. By using our powerful metrics, like LRT Power*Trust, you can easily see which links are valuable for your SEO needs.