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The Last Ticket to SEOktoberfest 2017


How to join the most exclusive SEO event ever

The LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 will take place on the 5th of September. Mark the date and prepare yourself for the last chance of attending the SEOktoberfest.

What you will win:

  • The only ticket to the SEOktoberfest Conference
    It was  €5000,- in the years before
    Now ONLY alumni attendee are allowed
    AND the waiting list is 150 people if someone would drop out
    so it‘s priceless
  • Ticket to the Charity SEOktoberfest BBQ (value €1251,-)
  • Designer Hotel for 5 nights (value €1.000)
  • LinkResearchTools Goodie Box (value €482, but actually priceless)
  • 5 days of networking, training, and fun
  • 120 hours of networking, training, and fun
  • 31 experts, famous entrepreneurs and influential experts from 17 different countries
  • 31 paying attendees that are successful entrepreneurs, experts heck even unicorn superstars
  • 726 years of combined marketing experience in one room
  • All the Lederhosen or Dirndl, Shirts, Shoes, Socks you need
  • The once in a lifetime chance to bring your business to the next level
  • Total prize value of €7733,- but really no money in the world can buy this


LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 Countdown [Semptember 5, 2017]


Join the most exclusive and fun SEO event of 2017!

Only winning the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 will get you in.

The last ticket to the last edition of SEOktoberfest (2017) is in our hands

If you are curious about the questions that the SEOktoberfest contestants had to answer, go here and ask to join the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 for the last ticket. You can start training right now. The 2017 SEOktoberfest will be the 10th and last edition of this amazing conference, and we're sure that it will be a blast!

There are many advantages to joining the competition for winning the LAST ticket to the LAST edition of the SEOktoberfest. You can bring your business life to a new level by joining this sold out event.

Learn more about the advantages of being part of the amazing SEOktoberfest event. SEOktoberfest has changed so many professional SEO lives already and it can also change yours.

The LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 is open to everyone this year

This is the last SEOktoberfest ever and only allowed for alumni. For this special occasion, we open the famous LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 to everybody.

In the past years, you needed to have a LinkResearchTools paid account to participate in the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017. But for the final and last SEOktoberfest, we want everybody to have a chance to attend this unique event. You only need your SEO skills to tackle our challenge.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get to know all those famous entrepreneurs, influential speakers, and world-famous experts. This is the last time all of them will gather in one place at the same time.

The LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 will take place on 5th of September. Mark the date and prepare yourself for the last chance of attending the SEOktoberfest.

Join the most exclusive and fun SEO event of 2017!

Only winning the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017 will get you in.

LinkResearchTools SEOktoberfest Challenge Last Ticket

An exclusive Podcast interview with Marcus Tandler

Listen to this exclusive podcast interview with the founder of the SEOktoberfest event series and learn more about SEOktoberfest and how this event can change your professional life.

We bet that, just like every year, the tickets for the SEOktoberfest event will be sold out in minutes, despite the substantial price tag of 5.000 Euros.

However, nobody can buy the last and final ticket for the 10th and last edition of SEOktoberfest. LinkResearchTools has the honor to award the last ticket via the LRT Challenge for SEOktoberfest 2017.

If there’s one competition you should take part in, then it’s for this ticket. Not for us. For you!

You get the chance to meet an amazing crowd. A super-nice, super-knowledgeable and a super-successful bunch of SEO and digital marketing experts.

You'll get a chance to meet attendees from companies like Disney, TripAdvisor, successful people that are happy to pay 5.000 EUR to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

No money in the world can buy this ticket.
The final SEOktoberfest #10 in 2017 is ONLY opened to alumni of the past nine events.
The LinkResearchTools ticket is the only ticket that can go to an SEO who never attended past SEOktoberfest events.

Don't miss this chance!

Here’s what three former winners of the last ticket to SEOktoberfest say about their experience:


“Winning the 2015 Seoktoberfest challenge is one of my greatest achievements. I take much pride in it because winning a ticket wasn’t a matter of luck - it was a matter of hard work and effort. I put my heart and soul into the challenge, and I am happy it turned out to be such a rewarding experience!

Getting the first prize opened up new doors for me - I got invited for one of the most amazing SEO conferences ever. First and foremost, though, I became a part of the recognized experts’ community and made friends with many people who have always been authorities for me.

Wojtek Mazur | Elephate




“Becoming part of the SEOktoberfest group of people with their incredible wealth of knowledge and attending what is definitely the top SEO event is simply priceless! So I’m obviously really happy that I won the SEO Scavenger Hunt and got to take part in all this.”

Stefan Juhl


I was fortunate enough to win the LinkResearchTools scavenger hunt in 2014, and I can say with confidence: it changed my life! Not only meeting the brightest minds in SEO, but actually getting to know them, see what works and what doesn’t and a sense of community that is still there until this day. 

It also put me in a position to land my dream job — I met the VP of SEO of TripAdvisor, moved from Germany to the US and am loving every minute of it!


 Sebastian Weber | SEO Strategist at TripAdvisor

SEOktoberfest can also change your life! For the better!

LinkResearchTools is the main sponsors of the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ. That's why we have the last ticket to the BBQ.  This BBQ is the perfect moment to network. You'll have the time to meet all the famous marketing-masters, enjoy some great food and cold drinks together.

SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

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