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Billing Questions


Q: I work for a nonprofit organization. Do I still have to pay for your product?

No, non-profit organizations are eligible to obtain a free access to the Link Research Tools (after approval) – just send us an email if you want to use the Link Research Tools as a non-profit organization.


Q: I created an account and could not finish payment / aborted payment. If I try to purchase again, it asks me to reenter all my details again.
This sucks.

Sorry for this misunderstanding. In fact you are able to login with your old details as you already created a user in our system, but didn’t complete the payment in PayPal. You should have received a mail welcoming you to the LinkResearchTools saying that your payment is “pending”. You have all login details in there.


Q: I do have a PayPal account, but no credit card associated with it. Therefore I cannot signup to your monthly subscription.

We are sorry for this limitation, but PayPal enforces proper funding source for subscriptions. You can however add your bank account to fund the PayPal account (within the paypal interface).

In addition it showed in the Beta Test, that for German PayPal accounts the bank account does NOT suffice (in at least one case) as a proper funding source. So currently if you want to run a monthly product you have to have your paypal account backed up by a credit card.


Q: Why do you need my VAT ID?

In accordance with the EU VAT reverse charge mechanism no Austrian VAT (USt) is charged in certain cases. When you are a European but not Austrian company you do not have to pay VAT directly to us. The liability for the payment of VAT is reversed to the recipient. If you do not possess or supply a valid VAT ID we have to charge the Austrian sales tax to you. If you are not from Europe, no Austrian VAT will be charged.


Q: Why do I get a message that the payment is pending?

PayPal sometimes takes a little while to send the transaction through to our system. It depends on how busy their system is.


Product Questions


Q: What if I don’t want to wait till my report is done?

You can upgrade to a Superhero subscription to get the most reports running in parallel. If you already have a Superhero subscription, just sign up with the same email adress but with another user name and you will be able to run more reports at a time. But keep in mind that you have to buy a product again.


Q: Will I always have access to my reports?

No, the quick reports will only be kept 7 days in the system, after which they get purged. The reports can be easily repeated if needed.

If you cancel your subscription the retention time depends on what type of a subscription you had.

More information on the retention times in this post.

Users with an active subscription will not have any repots deleted (a part from the quick reports).


Q: What if I loose my password but I have more than one user on one e-mail adress?

You will get an email with all users and the according passwords.


Q: Do I need Sistrix, SEMrush or SEOmoz API Keys to use the Link Research Tools?

No, you don’t need any external API Key to use the Link Research Tools. Entering an API Key of Sistrix, SEMrush or SEOmoz gives you access to additional backlink sources and SEO metrics, but the Link Research Tools work very well without them.
If you happen to have an account for one of the tools or if you’re interested in the specific data they provide, you can provide an API Key on the Settings-page and activate the values you want the API to be used for.


Tools Questions




Q: How often is the link data updated?

Every day, the moment when you start your report.


Q: Why does it take so long to create my report?

We are crawling your report as you request it. This means if you request 30 SEO metrics for 1000 backlinks, that are up to 30,000 different backend queries to our data providers. This takes some time. This crawling is done on-demand as opposed to ready-crawled tools that just provide a quick data-view to their database but are limited to what they think should be crawled, and are out-dated most of the time. Also, when we’re having especially high load (due to new releases or promotion activity), your reports might be processed slower than usual. We are working hard on improving the crawl speed and are thinking about providing dedicated crawler-resources to special users, i.e. large agencies that need a lot more resources than our normal users. (If you are interested, please contact us.)


Q: Why does my report have so many errors?

Sometimes we simply can’t get a value because a service is down/slow – even after trying several times.


Q: What does it mean if a value says “n/a”?

If a value returns “n/a” it means that there was no value found for this URL. Keep in mind, it’s not an error, it simply means that the URL doesn’t have this specific value.


Q: What is the URL hotlist for?

The URL hotlist helps you remember your most important and promising link prospects.


Q: What is the commonality in the CBLT and LJT reports?

If you decide to run a LJT (formerly COLT) or CBLT Report you must choose the commonality. The commonality defines how many other domains or urls (depending on the settings) should link to the same target you specify (for CBLT) or link out of the same domain (for LJT). The higher the commonality, the less results you get, simply because it’s less likely that other websites link to 7 same urls your specify, than 2.

An example:


Q: What does the CEMPER Juice™ parameter tell me?

CEMPER Juice™ tells you if a page is a good target for link building or not. You can find a detailed explanation of CEMPER Juice™ Tool here.


Q: How many of my own links can I upload into the Backlink Profiler?

Without Link Boost, the maximum number per upload is 2000 links.

This number increases with the amount of link boost you choose.

No Link Boost = 2000

2x Link Boost = 4000

3x Link Boost = 6000

4x Link Boost = 8000

5x Link Boost = 10000


Q: Why is the number of listed domains higher than the number of links?

The ‘Listed Domains’ value shows the unprocessed value of all links and mentions from a domain from all of our data sources.

This number includes links that were not found when the URLs were checked and mentions.

The domain popularity is a more accurate number that shows the current (and checked) number of backlinking domains.


Q: How valuable are side wide links?

Site wide links in general are a link building tactic of the past. These types of links are very easy to detect. We believe that too many of these links would harm your site and/or get you penguined.</>

We recommend not building site wide links as they are most often bought and just too easy for Google to spot.


Q: Is it bad to have a link from both the www and non-www versions of a website?

No, this is a typical canonical problem and I wouldn’t worry about it.


Q: How long does it take for the data to update and remove the [link not found] links from the reports?

This depends on our data sources and can vary from 2-4 weeks.

If you are disturbed by the [link not found] links you can check the “ignore [link not found] links“ checkbox to filter them out.




Q: I entered 10 different competitors websites in the CBLT and it only returned me 2 common backlinks. What’s broken?

Please keep in mind, that the tool only returns links that point to at least 2 of those websites. If all or some of the websites only have very few (2 to 3 digits counts) backlinks, then the probability of finding common backlinks goes down.

CBLT works best if you use it on very high ranking, authority websites to find out why they rank so well. This means on very new websites, it probably shows you few or no results.


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