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CEMPER.COM is located in Austria, Vienna, Europe

Postal Address:

Wagramer Str. 25/3/17/68

A-1220 Wien



Phone AT:  +43 720 116440

Fax AT:  +43 1 953 50 19

Phone US :  +1 (866) 347-3660

Phone UK:  +44 800 011 9736

Phone NL: +31 85 888 1541

Phone IR: +353 76 680 1480

Phone CA: +1 (877) 736-7787

Payment Provider

Company Registration Data (“Impressum”)

Company Reg Nr. : FN 269754y

Tax Reg. Nr. : 189/5973

VAT-ID: ATU62127727

Gewerbereg.Reg. : 104381F22, MBA22–104381F22/0001/002

Jurisdiction/Gerichtsstand : Wien

Applicable Law : Austria

Terms & Conditions (in German):

Terms & Conditions (in English):

We value your privacy. We will never give, rent or sell your personal information to anyone else.


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