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Case Studies

How to Evaluate Your Recent Link Building Efforts

Penguin 3 could drop any day. When it does, sites that aren’t monitoring the quality of new links could drastically lose search visibility. That terrible scenario is entirely avoidable by following this simple and accurate technique. It’s a fast and cheap way to only review new links every month.

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How to Create the Right Link Building Strategy

On-page SEO isn’t sexy, but it’s so important. Without a strategic on-page strategy, you’re wasting hard-earned links. This detailed guide shows how to make the most of your links and how to avoid common pitfalls. It also includes linking strategies for blogs, corporations, and eCommerce sites.

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How to Find Great Link Prospects

“Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” What was true of Thomas Edison is true of SEOs. We have to sweat and work hard to find excellent linking opportunities. Fortunately, here’s a big list of how you can use our tools and free ones to make you look like a genius with less effort.

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How to Dominate the SERPS

Dofollow links far exceed Nofollow links, and many links come from sitewide or footer links. This may appear to be manipulative SEO. But looking deeper reveals Tripadvisor’s cunning strategy. Learn the SEO strategies that made Tripadvisor one of most successful travel companies in the world and see how they have managed to dominate the SERPS.

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Google’s First Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Hack

Happy endings exist. Though this university site was manually penalized because of hacking, Google removed it after one reconsideration request. See how they did it, and use their excellent link removal outreach email, reconsideration request, and blacklist of bad domains and URLs for your recovery.

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9 useful tips to use ScrapeBox for your SEO workflow

ScrapeBox is a well known tool for black hat SEO, but white hat SEOs have found it to be a very useful and time saving tool for on-page SEO, link analysis and even link building. In this guide, LRT Xpert – Bartosz Góralewicz, shows us how to use this tool of darkness to make Google very happy with your website.

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Squeeze more Juice out of Google Webmaster Tools

Google can be infuriating. They count every link to your site but only show you a random sampling in Google Webmaster Tools. But here’s a simple and genius hack to squeeze more links out of your Google Webmaster Tools account. Going through this detailed guide, you won’t believe how simple it is.

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