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thumbtack google penalty

Google Hammers Thumbtack for Badge Abuse

The badge techniques in combination with aggressive anchors led Thumbtack to a penalty. Although, many other companies performs similar techniques, it seems that Thumbtack went just too far.

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Why You Need Links Similar to Your Competition

If you are ready to take your link building to the next level, read on to find out: how common backlinks can improve your traffic, why some common backlinks are more powerful than others, how to find common backlinks that are expected in your niche and how to find common backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t.

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link building co-citations

Co-Citations: your neighbors in the link building world matter

One of the most important elements for quality and safe link building is a good neighborhood. If you read this article you will learn what a bad neighborhood is and how co-citations can lead you there. Also, you will learn how to add valuable co-citations for your site and how to analyze these co-citations.

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Google Penguin Penalty

Google Penguin Updates: Interviews With 27 SEO Experts

Google Penguin changed SEO forever. Read some interesting personal experiences of individuals who have lived with Google Penguin over the last three years and learn from them.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

Do Search Engines Find SEO Important?

As long as there are search engines, there will be a need for search engine optimization. The tactics involved in optimizing a web page for search may change, but the need to optimize web pages for search will always be a necessity.

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Google Manual Action Penalties & How to Recover

As a webmaster or SEO, there’s nothing worse than getting a message from Google Webmaster Tools about a manual action that has been placed on your website.
In this post, we’re looking at the different types of manual actions websites can receive and ways to deal with them.

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Link Building and outreach

How to do outreach by using LRT and Pitchbox

PitchBox is the best outreach software on the market. In combination with LinkResearchTools you can use it for different purposes. Read this great case study and learn how to do link removal, link building and prospecting with this perfect duo.

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outreach tips

10 Outreach Tips For Building Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Digital outreach campaigns have become a vital part of Internet marketing. It’s easy to make mistakes when trying to implement them. Learn how to make the most of your campaign with our 10 outreach tips.

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link building

Why Link Building (the Right Way) is Still Important

Are links the only things you should focus on? Absolutely not. But they still are very important. Learn why link building is still important and what doing link building the right way looks like in 2015

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