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Are you ready for the Google Penguin 3.0 Update? Makes a Poor SEO Investment…and Loses It

Penalized German Startup (1 of 5)- Auxmoney.comAuxmoney made a bad SEO investment, and it hurt them. In late March, their search visibility plummeted. Keywords that were ranking on page 1 dropped to page 7. The sad irony is that their toxic links weren’t even built for SEO purposes. What were their toxic links and how can they recover?

This is the first case study in the “5 German startups hit hard by Google” series by Guntram to achieve Certified LRT Xpert status.

We look forward to your feedback and always appreciate you sharing the work of our Certified LRT Professionals.

- Enjoy & Learn!

Christoph C. Cemper

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Table of contents

Case Study Setup

1. Search Visibility Analysis

Analysis of the analytical drops

2. Backlink Profile Analysis

  1. Anchor Text Analysis
  2. Power & Trust Balance Analysis
  3. Sitewide Links Analysis
  4. Paid Links Analysis
  5. Power*Trust Ratio Analysis
  6. Redirect Analysis
  7. Link Growth Analysis
  8. Link Network Analysis
  9. Country Ratio Analysis
  10. Deep Link Ratio Analysis
  11. Link Status Ratio Analysis
  12. Link Detox Risk Analysis
  13. Competitive Link Detox Risk Analysis against competition

3. Regular Detox for all Backlinks

Review of Backlinks

Search Visibility lost in late March 2014

With a significant loss in visibility, we see that was massively hit by Google in late march 2014. The search traffic was dropped steeply. But why and what happened? To clarify this question, we need to understand some the details about the Auxmoney business model.

What exactly is Auxmoney? started to operate in March 2007 and is currently the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer loans in Germany. Their name is a combination of the Latin word “auxiliaries” (means “help”) and the English word “money.” Auxmoney can be translated as “money helps.” They built their company on the successful concept of having private investors interact directly with private borrowers. By removing the banks as the middleman, both borrowers and investors benefit. Investors get a better return on their investment and are also legally secured. And borrowers benefit from the ability to replace their loans at any time.

How the process works

Consumers can request 1,000-25,000 Euros in a credit project. Investors then choose the projects they want to support and participate by investing amounts at a minimum of 50 Euros. Or they can automate their investments with the “Portfolio Builder“ to create a diversified set of loans. Once there are enough investors for a project, the loan gets disbursed.

What happened in April 2014

When we look at the Sistrix Visibility Chart, we see a nosedive from 5.407 to 3.793 SI Index.

The whole domain lost significant visibility within a very short time span of about a week.

Sistrix Auxmoney

Significant changes are recently visible, especially on Page 1. Several keywords were pushed from Page 1 (red) to Page 3 (green).

Sistrix Auxmoney Sistrix Graph

Mission critical keywords lost

Keywords that were ranking for positions on page 2 and 3 lost significant visibility. Top converting keywords like “geldhilfe” (EN: money help) or “wertpapier kauf” (EN: securities purchase) dropped from Page 1 to Page 7.

Sistrix Auxmoney Sistrix KWs

Link Audit Basic Definition

Top 10 Keywords

To begin the analysis, I defined 10 relevant keywords. These keywords are typically strongly related to the core business model, and are often featured on the homepage in some way. Using the LRT tools like the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA), I easily pulled common keywords for their niche.

  1. kredit von privat
  2. p2p kredit
  3. kredit von privat zu privat
  4. Reisekredit
  5. Kredit für Selbstständige
  6. Umschuldung
  7. Geld leihen
  8. Onlinekredit
  9. Barkredit
  10. Sofortkredit

Top Competitors
Taking these top keywords, and some manual analysis, I identified representative players for their niche. I based the selection on current search engine ranking and business model similarity.


Was Anchor Text Overdone?

We use the BLP report for this, and we’ve checked the backlink count.

Yes, 42% of their anchor texts are Money keywords.

Auxmoney has 5,394 links that uses only 358 different anchor texts originating from 3,631 domains. Besides an image with no alt-text, the top 3 anchor texts are strong money keywords. More than 42.9% of all links contain the Money keyword phrase “kredit von privat zu privat.”

These links are coming from an Affiliate Program that is hosted on the domain of, and they all have the same anchor text in the link. This is unnatural; people would not link like that if they would not earn money from it.

Auxmoney LRT Keyword Cloud
By using CLA and grouping by “keyword,” then classifying by Brand, Compound, Money and other keywords, we clearly see that Money keywords are significant when analyzing the link graph.

What were typical classifications for this report?


Keyword TypeExamples
Brand Keywordsfidor bank agfidorpay.deauxmoneysmava
Compound Keywordsdie aktuellen statistiken von smava.dedie kunden mit hohen zinsen für ihre tagesgeldkontengelockt direkt zur kostenlosen anfrage von auxmone
Money – kredit von privat an – kredite von privat an privatauxmoney – kredite von privat an privat
Other KeywordsAnmeldenAuf dieser websitehier informiert

Auxmoney LRT CLA Comparison

Did the Websites Have More Power Than Trust?

Yes, the site has a CEMPER Power of 4 and CEMPER Trust of 3. This is often a sign of over-optimization as we found out in our Google Penguin Update research summary.

The total POWER*TRUST is 12.

Looking at the #1 competitor,, the balance is flipped. The site has CEMPER Power of 4 and CEMPER Trust of 5, totaling a P*T of 20.

Generally, the lower Trust, higher Power ratio appears to be common in this niche.

Looking at the Quick Domain Compare (QDC) Report for Auxmoney, another important metric stands out: Auxmoney has many backlinks to the domain – a strange signal we want to keep in mind.

Auxmoney LRT QDC Comparison

Did They Have Too Many Sitewide Links?

Yes, 10x more than their competitor, Smava.

We use the Backlink Profiler report to identify the sitewide links ratio. From the Quick Domain Compare report, we have already seen that Auxmoney has 10x more links than their #1 competitor, Smava.

The other domains in that segment also have sitewide links, but Auxmoney has the most sitewide links of all.

Auxmoney Sidewide Link Ratio

This footer link is sending thousands of keyword rich backlinks to It’s an absolute red flag for organic SEO. To be more precise, do you know a webmaster that would build such a link at the end of every page for usability?

Screenshot Footer Links

Auxmoney LRT Anchor overview

Did They Have Paid Links?

Yes, we could easily identify the paid links by using the Quick Backlinks report. It clearly shows that thousands of links have exactly the same Money keyword-rich anchor text. That does not look too natural.

In order to filter this and figure out if there are paid links involved, we grouped the table by Money keyword phrases. The result was stunning.

Auxmoney LRT Anchor kredit von privat

These links are affiliate links. This means that the webmaster is paid once a user is clicking and converting on the shop.

Auxmoney Screenshot Privatkrankenkasse-com

Auxmoney Screenshot TopWebList Webkatalog Kostenlose Kostenpflichtige Eintraege

Auxmoney Screenshot Nostalgie und Puppenstube

Was the Link’s Power*Trust Distribution Unnatural?

Comparing Auxmoney with the market, two things are quickly obvious.

  1. The amount of organic, typically weak links is more than 10% too low.
  2. The amount of strong P*T 5-7 and 8-12 is more than 10% higher than average.

Auxmoney LRT Cemper Power Trust Comparison

Looking at CEMPER Power, this trend becomes clearer. Compared with other competitors, the CEMPER Power of reveals that weak links are missing and too many powerful links were built using online marketing.

Auxmoney LRT Cemper Power Analysis

Are Sneaky Redirects Involved?

Yes, several dozen redirects of subdomains, domains and affiliate pages are visible on

I’m not quite sure what “,” “” or “ecd-tradition” and likewise has to do with lending money online.

Auxmoney LRT Redirects

Was Unnatural Link Growth Involved?

Yes, there was a significant change in link velocity. With about +10% in link building, this is above industry standards. Only did more link building with +75% LVT.

We see this in the Juice Report. To dig deeper here, we also created a Competitive Link Velocity report.

Auxmoney LRT Linkgrowth

Looking at the Competitive Link Velocity, we see that Auxmoney, Rocket-Internet’s Lendico and are building links. Each of them recently added thousands of links within a couple of months.

Auxmoney Competitive Link Velocity

Looking at the amount of links built, we see that and are picking up the most links of all compared domains. This high growth stands out above the organic industry standard.

Auxmoney Competitive Link Velocity Rel yourdomain

Are Link Networks Involved?

Looking at the number of Class-C networks involved, we see two strange things.

A low amount of total Class-C networks are linking. There’s a high likelihood that many links are from the same Class-C net and therefore connected in some way.

They could be in-house or hosted blog networks that are maintained by some marketing agency.

Auxmoney Metric Number Class C

When looking closer, the story is different: There are no visible networks involved; instead, there are several affiliates that run cheap sites on shared hosts – specifically, and They could also include link networks, but there was no clear sign that anyone created a link network in this case.

Bad Quality Links

There were several obvious examples of paid links and shady affiliate link integrations. The suspicious sites often lacked a real theme or had an inconsistent theme. The notorious “about us page” that only has one big image with the address of the owner does not necessarily generate a lot of trust.

Auxmoney Screenshot Beepworld

Auxmoney Screenshot Kreditanbieter online-sofortkredit-eu

Auxmoney Screenshot Autofinanzierung ohne Schufa-Auskunft

Auxmoney Screenshot Deine-Startseite-Frau

Did Any Unnatural Country Ratios Occur?

No, a German-based business should have links from Germany. Auxmoney has 97.1% links from Germany. That’s exactly how a page that is focused on Germany, and hosted and located in Germany, should look like.

Auxmoney Country Ratio

Is There an Unnatural Deep Link Ratio?

Yes, absolutely. Seeing so many affiliate links makes the situation clear: 97.8% of all links are going to a subpage and not to the start page.

Auxmoney Deep Link Ratio

Did the Websites Have an Unnatural Link Status Ratio?

Yes, many links (up to 350) were recently removed, some even removed from personal profiles of SEOs in social media sites.

Auxmoney Linkstatus Ratio

Auxmoney Link Not Found

Did the Websites Have A High Link Detox Risk?

The site had a moderate Link Detox risk of 475, with 86% of all links listed as suspicious and 7.3% listed as toxic.

Auxmoney Dtox Status

Auxmoney Dtox Overview

Some High to Moderate Risk at Auxmoney

Auxmoney Dtox Overview Risk Ratio

DTOX Rule Breakdown


Anchor text placement looks suspicious. Read more
Domain has the same website footprints as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Domain has the same DNS as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Domain has the same Class-C as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Page has no CEMPER Power*Trust™ and CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain < 5 – a page without external links on a weak domain. Read more
Domain has the same website footprints as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Domain has the same IP as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Page has no PageRank™ but at least some weak links. Read more
Domain has no CEMPER Power*Trust™ – probably a new or very weak domain, or a penalty. Read more
Domain’s homepage has CEMPER TitleRank™ 30+, CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain < 5 and CEMPER Power*Trust™ < 5. Read more
Domain has the same website footprints as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more
Old domain with no homepage PageRank™ Read more
High risk score associated with URL. Read more
Page has more than 10 backlinks from 1 Class-C, CEMPER Power*Trust™ Domain < 5 and CEMPER Power*Trust™ < 5 – possible link network. Read more
Domain has Link Velocity Trend < -70% – probably part of an expired domain link network or a domain that the public has lost interest in. Read more
Domain is not indexed in Google. Usually a sign for a penalty. Read more
The Link Detox Genesis™ algorithm classified this link as highly unnatural. We recommend removal or disavow. Read more
Domain has the same Google Analytics code as other linking domains – possible link network. Read more

The First 25 of the 289 Toxic Links

Auxmoney Dtox Toxic Links

Competitive DTOX Analysis

Looking at the Competitive Dtox, we see that other players have been doing worse SEO Work.

The total Competitive Dtox Risk is low for Auxmoney, unlike other Projects such as P2P-Kredite and

Auxmoney CDTOX Status

Auxmoney CDTOX Keyword Auxmoney CDTOX Comparison by Dtox

Auxmoney CDTOX Comparison by Dtox Anchors

Results Analysis


1.Anchor Text AnalysisYes, Overdone
2.Power & Trust Balance AnalysisMore Power, but Okay
3.Sitewide Links AnalysisYes, Overdone
4.Paid Links AnalysisYes, Paid links
5.Power*Trust Ratio AnalysisMore Powerlinks
6.Redirect AnalysisYes, Some Rdrs
7.Link Growth AnalysisYes, visible growth
8.Link Network AnalysisNo, there was no network
9.Country Ratio AnalysisNo, all German
10.Deep Link Ratio AnalysisYes, everything is a deep link
11.Link Status Ratio AnalysisYes, 400 Links gone
12.Link Detox Risk AnalysisMedium Risk
13.Competitive Link Detox Risk Analysis against competitionLow CDtox



The biggest red flag is the Auxmoney Affiliate System. More than 42% of all links has only 3 different anchor texts. The fact that most of these links are “follow” links does not contribute to the trustworthiness. We saw Tradebit recover from a Google penalty after fixing their affiliate links, among other issues in the past.

Even though these links were not designed to be SEO links, but rather tracking links for affiliates, it does not make a big difference.

The second problem is that the design of these affiliate sites is cheap. Many old and outdated thin-content affiliate sites are floating around They are sending cheap karma to Auxmoney, resulting in low trust.

Their paid footer links are another story. That’s just “illegal in Google’s world” – i.e. against their terms and conditions for link schemes as outlined here,

Having more than 400 links removed recently is another negative signal.

Together, that adds up to a poisonous SEO cocktail for Auxmoney. Getting out of this situation requires serious effort.

This case study was written by Guntram Bechtold of StarsMedia IT Management KG, and proud user of Link Research Tools and Link Detox.

Certified LRT XpertA word from Christoph C. Cemper

This analysis as part of a series that is yet to be published was conducted and written by our new Certified LRT Xpert, Guntram Bechtold.

Guntram demonstrated his expertise in doing a deep dive on why Auxmoney lost so much search visibility. It’s one of five studies he’s doing for his Xpert certification that we’ll share with you very soon.

He did a great job investigating the possible causes and isolating the penalized tactics in his case study. Therefore, I’m very happy to certify Guntram Bechtold as the latest Certified LRT Xpert by approving and publishing his research on our site.

Our goal is to provide our user community and clients with quality service and knowledge. Our Certified LRT Professionals and Xperts are key to achieving this goal.

I look forward to Guntram’s future work, and I personally recommend working with him whenever you get the opportunity.

Certified LRT Expert Guntram Bechtold

This analysis was created using our Superhero Plan and the new Competitive Link Detox tool extensively. The Superhero plan allows you to perform professional SEO and backlink analysis for your own or your competitor’s sites. If you only need Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX), that’s also included in all new Link Detox Pro plans and up.

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Guntram Bechtold

Founded in 2011, a SAASoftware and Project-Management Company. Being Project Manager for, i-Magazine’s Selfservice Publishing Platform with readers from 180 Countries world wide, the StarsMedia is specialized on Online Marketing Consulting for established Onlineplayers and Startups. Guntram is certified Scrum Master, LRT Certified Professional and graduated. Industrial Designer, living in Dornbirn, Austria

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold
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    Auxmoney dot com: Affiliate Links and Paid Links Penalized /by @guntrambechtold via @lnkresearchtool

  3. @larssondaniel April 30, 2014

    Affiliate Links and Paid Links Penalized

  4. @Mark_Garwell April 30, 2014 Makes a Poor SEO Investment…and Loses It

  5. Colin May 1, 2014

    Hello Guntram,

    Thank you for a full and detailed report. Looking at the visibility graph it seems that they are just back at the level they were a year ago. This isn’t a complete wipe out of a site.
    Do you have any feel for what are the underlying factors behind this level of penalty as opposed to a complete loss of rankings?

    Also it would be good to see how the competitors compare…i suspect most of them have dodgy links but i believe it would be useful to see if others are worse or if not then how close they come to this website.

    Best wishes


  6. Guntram Bechtold May 5, 2014

    Hello Colin,

    The biggest hit Auxmoney suffered was a year ago, when Penguin 2.0 hit. The site was then “freed” again, atleast it appears that way once the filters were altered. With current filter, the Penguin “unofficial” update, there was an other loss visible

    Other sites, specifically the was hot affected to that magnituted, yet other sites (from other niches) were, as you see in the upcoming casestudies.

    Best regards

  7. Oliver May 12, 2014

    Very interesting article.
    I also think Auxmoneys visibility is now nearly as good as one year ago.
    I am not sure if affiliate links are really a problem, then some similar affiliate programs ( / should have similar problems.
    Some things like deep linking ratio and the redirects (maybe affiliates?) look strange indeed…
    Best regards,


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