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Granular Real Time Google Penguin

How Can the Granular Real Time Penguin Affect Your Website

Google officially announced that they made Google Penguin part of their Core Algorithm. This means that webmasters don’t need to wait for years for a Google Penguin Update to recover the rankings of a website. Everything will happen in real time from now on. Read on to learn how Google Penguin will work from now on and what you should change about the way you’re doing SEO.

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Google Penguin 4.0 – Real Time Penguin Update

Google Penguin 4.0 – Real Time Penguin in Google Core

Hey wait, but if Penguin goes real-time, that would mean it also needs to be integrated into the core algorithm… hmmm food for thought, if it’s not Penguin (the thing attached on top of the core, but the same link spam analysis component integrated into the core, would it be ok to say it’s “not Penguin”?

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SEO steps to refresh an old or expired domain

5 Magic Steps to Refresh an Old or Expired Domain

Many SEOs may be asking themselves what’s the best way to refresh an expired domain or an older website that has been sitting there for a while with nobody creating new content or building new links. This is a very challenging question. Read on to discover some valuable general rules on how to refresh an old or expired domain.

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The Last Ticket to SEOktoberfest

The tickets for this year’s SEOktoberfest sold out within just 4 minutes, despite the hefty price tag of 5.000 Euros. However, nobody could buy the last and final ticket for the 9th edition of SEOktoberfest.
Like every year, LinkResearchTools – one of the main sponsors of the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ had the honor to award the last ticket via the LinkResearchTools SEOktoberfest Challenge.

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3 ways stylebop.com can outperform all competitors

3 Ways How Stylebop can Outperform all Competitors

This case study provides strong improvements for the backlink, content and social media marketing strategy for Stylebop. All the suggestions are based on a thorough competitor analysis.

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Hulu.com ranking drop

Hulu.com JavaScript Fail – 56% Visibility Drop and Counting

hulu.com suffered a 56% search visibility drop, but it’s not over yet. The reason for such a heavy drop isn’t due to a Google penalty, algorithm or a negative SEO attack. It comes from Hulu’s coding problem. Read on and learn from Hulu’s mistakes.

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Icelolly Google Penguin Recovery

icelolly.com Google Penguin Penalty Recovery | 3 Years Later

Get ready to read a detailed, extensive and well-structured Google Penguin recovery case study. This is a follow-up on the Google Penguin penalty that Icelolly received in 2013. Learn from the measures they took to recover from the Google Penguin penalty, see their progress and understand what you need to look at when trying to remove a Google penalty.

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do not remove your redirects

Do NOT remove your Redirects from your .htaccess file

Please do NOT follow Google’s Gary’s advice or promote this as the latest and greatest “website speed trick”. Don’t remove your redirects. This is a sure way to get your website’s traffic and rankings into trouble.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Links at #BrightonSEO

Links are the #1 search engine ranking factor and in the past months. Google just re-confirmed the importance of links for the future. But is that all? No! There’s a lot more to Links for SEO. And there’s a lot more about redirects. Read on and find out the 7 things you didn’t know about links.

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